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I'm trying to install XP Pro on my gaming PC.However,when i start installation it says that it can't find any hard drives.Any ideas?

It is legal copy of Windows XP Pro.
Right now im running W7 on same HD.
Before chaging the motherboard,i have installed XP on it,so it should have all drivers needed.

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  1. SATA disks? You need drivers if this is the case (or change the SATA mode to IDE in the BIOS).
  2. Yea,it's SATA disk.Where i can find those drivers?Or how can I change sata mode to ide?Motherboard doesn't recognize even the HD.
  3. got it working now:) thanks a lot Ijack.
  4. Go to the website of your m/b manufacturer. You should find drivers there. Press F6 whilst the installation CD is booting, insert the floppy with the drivers on and Bob's your uncle.

    Changing the SATA mode is something you do in the BIOS (how depends upon the m/b); or are you saying that even the BIOS doesn't recognize your hard disk?
  5. It did.I had to change only one setting to IDE and got all sorted off.Thanks!
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