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hey guys

I just got a 60 dollar best buy gift card and thought it might be a good idea to upgrade my video card (Nvidia 6800 which came with my dell). But i haven't been into video cards since college and am pretty confused with all the new cards and technology. What is the best card that you guys think I can get from best buy (their selection isnt all that great)? Im looking around the price range of 150-200 after using the gift card.

Is it even worth it to get a new video card now? Or should I wait till the new DX10 cards come down in price? Or even till the must have games which come out near the holiday season come out?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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  1. What are the specs on the rest of your system, including the power supply?
  2. get the x1950pro or xt. cheap and good. u can worry about dx10 games or cards next yr.
  3. id say that you should hold out a little longer, and being that you have a dell, the PSU probably won't be able to supply enough power to your new card..

    supposedly the g90 cards will come out late this year, which might bring prices down.

    as for having 60$ at BB, i'd spend it on some games or software you might need. at my local BB, an 8500gt which is 74.99$ on costs 300$ (yes three hundred) at BB. you'd get ripped off, i'd stay clear of purchasing hardware there. :p
  4. To give you guys an idea, I scored a 1412 on 3dmark06 running all the tests :-( which I believe is not good at all.

    Also I was looking on and they have a x1950 pro 256mb "on sale" for $198 (minus $60) = $138. Is this a DX10 video card? Yea i was wondering if my power supply would be sufficient, I mean it is a dell and not an alienware desktop.. :-)

    Yea you were right about the price differences though, a 8500gt is $150 on BB and like $80 on newegg.

    What exactly are G90 cards?

    my specs (taken from 3dmark06)

    Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz
    Architecture 64-bit

    NVIDIA GeForce 6800 PCI-Express Driver
    Total Local Video Memory 256 MB

    DC power supply:
    350 W

    1GB memory

    160GB HD
  5. Your power supply wont cut it for the 1950pro, which is an excellent card. The G90 is the yet to be released nVidia card, coming in Dec or thereabouts. You may be able to find a better psu for your dell, but youll have to do some surfing. If you do get the 1950, and a new psu, you can use them for your nexr build, come back here when youre ready, theres alot of people here to help you
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