Completely Baffled - Any ideas?

I'm a n00b overclocker, but have been working and living with computers for some time so I know my way around (only laptops, thus no overclicking experience). I recently purchased myself a new rig (spec below) and was keen to try out the potential of the E6700. but when I tried to push the chip AT ALL it just wouldn't post!! Eventually, I found this guide (, as it is exactly my MoBo and Bios, and changed the voltage settings as suggested. However, even now I can only get it stable at 3.2, and it won't post at anything past 3.35. My personal goal was 3.66, which I know to be possible with this chip, and don't understand where I'm going wrong!

Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 (Rev 3.3)
DVD Drive Samsung SH-S183L DVD±RW/±R DL
Case - RaidMax Smilodon
Power Supply - Thermaltake TR2 500W
Ram - OCZ DDR2-800 1GB-DC Platinum rev.2
RAM fan - Thermaltake Cyclo
CPU Heatsink - Thermaltake V1
Graphics - I'm using an old GeForce 6200LE at the moment, getting a new 8600GTS in two weeks

Please help,
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  1. adjust your memory fsb to 333, oc from there, or buy 1066 memory. Thanks for the Link that is very useful
  2. Tried that, it won't post at 333!! and my memory's good!
  3. to clarify, by processor has a 10x multiplier, so the FSB default is 266, stable when pushed to 320, won't post at 335. (and my goal is 366!)
  4. almost the same pc..
  5. shmuls said:
    My personal goal was 3.66, which I know to be possible with this chip

    How do you know *that* chip will run at 3.66? Just because some e6700's (or Core 2's in general) overclock great, some won't - and you have no idea how far your chip will go until you try it.

    The only thing I can suggest right now is to set your memory speeds to Auto (for now), that way the mobo will keep the ram stable so you can see how high you can push your CPU. After you have the CPU running stable at ___MHz x _ multiplier @ ___ volts (numbers vary depending on how well the CPU overclocks) - then you can go back and try to get every last bit of speed out of the ram.
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