Need advice on a new system im planning to build.

I built a PC a newegg that i plan to buy in about three months. I realize a few things can change between now and then, but this is what i have so far. Keep in mind this will be used for gaming and im trying to limit it to around $2500

I have a few question and could use some advice. Sorry if some of these sound dumb, but i havent used computers too much since i joined the Army.


I have two mobos in there, im not sure which would be better, any thoughts? (one is a SLI board which i do not plan to use, i dont even know if that video card is an SLI card)

Never bought a sound card before, and dont think 7.1 is needed, so is that a good sound card to run 5.1 and possible 7.1 in the future?

I normaly use two harddrives, one for my games only, i decided not to go that route thinking it might be useless. If i did use two harddrives whats best; 1) OS and games on one HDD and everything else on the second --or-- 2) OS and everything on one HHD and games only on the second?

Im normaly scared when buying monitors but it seems i found a good one (well im actualy getting 2 as always =)

How can i get that 5.1 sound system to hook into my PC, Xbox360, and TV all at the same time? (link to a newegg item would be awesome)

I like the look of that case and want to get it unless theres a problem with it that im unaware of.


Any thoughts, comments, or ideas are greatly appreciated, just keep im mine im trying to limit myself to around $2500
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  1. Im trying to decide between two SLI mobos because i may one day decide to get a second gfx card if needed. Im not too great with picking a mobo so alternate suggestions are welcome.

    I have a 550W Roswill PSU, that should be efficient correct? I almost got the ocz gaming psu but even the 600w is a considerable price increase.

    I also took off the second monitor because i decided to just use my old one for a secondary.
  2. Ditch the PSU. It has barely enough power for that system, and Rosewill's units are sub-par. They're starting to clean up their act, but they have a long way to go. NEVER skimp on the psu. It's the heart of your system.

    I suggest you get a 650w Silverstone Zeus. It's MUCH more powerful, the quality is much higher, and it doesnt cost that much ($110). Or, if you can afford to spend $50 more, the 750w version, so you don't have to upgrade again if you decide to go SLI.

    Don't get a 226BW. You'll have to play the panel lottery. That monitor has atleast 3 different types of LCD panel. One by Chi Mei, one by AUO, and the best of the three, a Samsung-made panel. Recently, Sammy started to hide the panel type, so there's no way of knowing which you're getting. Either get an HP W2207 or wait for the 226CW. It's more or less an updated version of the 226BW, and one of the updates is a new type of backlight that only Samsung can make ATM. So you're sure to get a good panel when you buy the 226CW. It should be coming out in 2-3 weeks.

    Wait until the 22nd of this month to buy the CPU. Intel's dropping prices that day, so you'll be able to get a Q6600, the quad core brother of the E6600, for $266, cheaper then the E6700.

    I'd get the P6N myself. It's a great board, and a whole lot cheaper then the Asus mobo.
  3. I took your advice on the PSU but decided to get the OCZ GameXStream 700W PSU instead.

    What about the chipset on the mobos. The asus has a 680i, how much of an increase in performance is that over the 650i that the other board has?

    The monitor i did read about the different makes, but also read thers an update for it that makes the non-samsung ones just as good. I will 5take your advice into consideration and continue to watch the suggested monitors over the next three months.

    The price drop in CPU's sounds very exciting. I will most definatly be reconsidering once i see that. I do question the need for a quad core though. I seems few games support even a dual core, so wouldnt a quad be overkill?

    Thanks alot for the advice!
  4. That's a nice PSU and should work very well. You probably won't find a difference in performance between mobos, and if you do it's going to be negligible at best.
  5. I made some more changes, once again the PSU (got the one apt403 suggested) I also changed the HDD, dvd drive, 5.1 speakers, and picked the MSI (edit wrong one) mobo.

    I was already considering the new speakers, and after reading they can switch between multiple input (such as PC, xbox360, and TV) using the "control box" i decide to get them. I dont think the speakers are wireless, just the remote but a plus none the less. Im still a bit skeptical thought, will i be able to switch between (or use at the same time) my PC xbox360 and TV with the press of a button with these speakers or will i need another piece of hardware?
  6. The first case is a nice one, but what justifys the price difference over the one i have choosen?

    (EDIT* and the answer is.. cooling and durability, thanks for the advice i changed to the nine-hundred)
  7. The case you have listed is ok - the NZXT - it has two 120 MM fans which should keep things well under control. The antec cases that were listed are very high quality - sound dampening on the P182 and simply solid engineering across the board - Antec is a good manufacturer and those two cases are very popular. That being said, your choice is ok.

    I would suggest getting an Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro 7 HS/Fan and not use the stock HS - although they are much better than what Intel made just a few years ago, and the C2D's are much cooler chips than the old prescott processors. The Freezer pro 7 also has a very good pad attached to it - which is better than the Arctic Silver - but it's your choice. I would dump the grease and go for the aftermarket cooling - but if you don't - you will still be in good shape.

    You are getting into a realm of preferences since all of the parts you have now are solid enough.

    Good luck.
  8. Here is a good article that compares the 650i to 680i SLI boards:
  9. Great link, it has brouight alot of clarity to me.
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