What does system reserved mean

I am trying to recognize a hard drive in an external enclosure to run a malware scan, and I am getting system reserved on the drive icon.

Do I have to have the power supply to the enclosure or does the USB supply power since I am not using the sata cable?
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  1. It could be that system reserved was reserved for the boot, but what drive that u put in? Brand new or used?

    The 100MB partition is a system partition and contains boot files. Disk Manager will not allow you to remove this partition because removing this partition could cause the system to not boot.
  2. I am having the same problem. I got a western digital 1tb hard drive. Someone installed windows 7 ultimate for me...nice but it ended up being not being genuine. Since ultimate was too much. I got home premium. Had reinstall everything and had to reformat the hard drive. I went from a 1tb hard drive to a 99.mb of total space and instead of being a local disk its now being called system reserved Like , wtf did i do and how can I fix it. Do I need a new hard drive now. :(
  3. You are looking at something wrong here, Windows does create a hidden 100mb reserved partition, but installs itself in the main one.

    You can install Windows again though, delete the partitions on the drive, then format and install Windows.
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