epox 8k3a+ onboard sound doesnt work (ac97)

I cant get the onboard sound to work on an epox 8k3a+ (pretty old now, socket A days). Its set to "auto" in the bios (there is no enable option only auto and disable). It is an ac97 chipset. What is odd is the ac97 chipset does provide a system beep on start up.

After tinking with old and new drivers, the speaker options are avaliable under sounds and audio devices. However not only do mp3s not work, but also the windows sounds under program events. The speaker tests are also not present in the ac97 sound managment program.

Any recomendations greatly aprechiated!

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  1. I don't think the mobo beep relies on the sounds card but regardless, have you checked the settings in the software to make sure nothing is muted. It's possible the sound card finally died and if this it, on the upside sound cards are still PCI and will work in a new build when you're ready.
  2. not what I wanted to hear but it makes sense since no options are muted under play back options. I didnt realise onboard sound cards could simply die without any other feature on the motherboard suffering any problems.

    cheers for your input g-paw
  3. check the front panel audio for missing jumpers. you need 2 jumper on the jumper block to have the sound working if the front ausio panel is not plugged.
  4. g-paw said:
    I don't think the mobo beep relies on the sounds card but regardless.

    Some mobo does, like the Asus A8R-MVP, IIRC. I had one that didi just that.
  5. have you checked in the device manager to make sure it is in fact working and enabled. Some AC97's used to conflict with other devices.

    I just got you boards manual, there is no mention of ac97 anywhere other then the bios option you have on. So no need to go jumper searching.

    Check the device manager and post if you see anything out of the ordinary.

    X's mean the device is turned off by windows or the user. the ! means that the wrong driver or no drivers are installed.
  6. Well everything was working as far as device manager was concerned and nothing was muted, tis a mystery. I suppose the sound card had had enough of playing led zeppelin and pink floyd repeatadly and just gave up.

    Cheers pat and esp nukemaster, surprised me the lengths you went to to help me out!

    Still somthing good has come from the onbord sound going tits up. Just this minute treated myself to a Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi Xtreme Music. Along with my £70 quid sennheisers hopefully it will sound like im sat in the same room as page and barrett!
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