How to test your graphic card performance?

Hi guys. After asking some questions here in this forum, i dicided to buy a X1950Pro card. Thanks to all that helped in choosing! I`m running for the shop right now! And i would like to know how to test it after i install it? Do i need some program? Does it bring some software wich i can use to test it? I would be very curious to know if it will run with full performance. Can someone help me how to test it? Sorry for my unknowledge in this matters, hope i`m not being silly!!
Thanks to all tha may want to help!
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  1. well you could download and install 3dmark05 and 06. then just run the benchmark at its normal settings and see what score you get.

    Keep in mind that the scores can vary quite a bit depending on the components, so your score may be lower or higher than another person with pretty much the same setup, but a different ram..etc.

    Also, this score wont exactly tell you what your performance will be in game, but it should be good enough to get a general idea of how its performing.
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