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I'm looking to replace the hard drive in my notebook because the old one's toast.

It's a compaq presario 2100 series notebook that had a Toshiba 60GB hard drive. It says in the technical specs that the drives can range from 20-60GB with Ultra DMA 100 interface.

So my questions are:
Can I replace it with a PATA or ATA 2.5"?
Would a WD ATA-100 120GB hard drive work?
And is there a difference between PATA, ATA, Ultra ATA?
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  1. from the get go, all i can say with relative certainty, is that it should work, lol. since it would only accept 2.5" (p)ata-100 hdds, they should all work, the main difference being that the bandwidth i believe is capped at 100MB/s that way (which is still more than any current consumer hdd is capable of anyhow), as far as the usable capacity, i really cant see why you would be unable to use it, as long as its over a pata interface, and not sata or anything. for practical purposes, pata ata uata udma ata33 ata66 ata100 and ata133 are all synonymous with one another, and really is just denoting available bandwidth of the controllers cables and hdds. beyond that, pata pin counts are usually the same, 80pin, i believe anyhow... older pata cables/connections may be different physically however, less available pins primarily, i believe anyhow.. all i can really see having to change is the settings in your motherboard bios, selecting the correct dma setting, whether its 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6, auto, etc.
  2. Thanks a lot. That's what I was hoping for!
  3. Get a 7200 rpm drive. Many laptop drives are still only 5400, and the cheepies foist 4200 rpm drives off on suckers.
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