G33 vs p35

Has anyone had any experience OCing w/ a G33 uATX board yet? I would think that the G33 wouldn't be as good as the p35, but who knows?
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  1. So no one has played around with a G33 mobo yet? I'm shocked!
  2. A review of one or two manuals is the best I can do. Not much oc on the G33, P35 the clear winner.

    If you hold off for a while the AMD side has a Biostar TF7025/7050 uATX (integrated 7025 or 7050 NB with nVidia 630a SB) that can oc very well. Biostar offered it to Intel first (PR is dated 2/07) for the 775 socket: Intel said NAH!, but has quietly decided to adopt it b/4 the 4thQ.

    edit==> The reviews of the AMD setup is a 5egger at newegg. Looks promising for 'the dark side'. ;)
  3. I decided on the p35 instead due to the overclock-ability of it vs the G33. Thanks for the info guys.

    If i ever need a small computer, I'll look into those or their variants.
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