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I hope this is the correct forum for this question. I just installed my Nvidia 7600GT and want to know how I go about setting up the dual monitors. Can I just plug them into the card or is there a driver that I'll need? What about settings? Any advice for this newbie would be helpful - thanks.
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  1. Just plug away and you should be set.
    Always worked for me and I never had to do anything special.

    The standard NVIDIA driver has locations for configuring multiple monitors. This lets you tweak how you want to setup your monitors.
    The default settings, however are usually fine for most people.

    (It may only show if you have multiple monitors, I'm not sure.)

    Tweak option include configuring the output correctly if the monitors were stack on top of each other.

    Or perhaps you want to mirror the displays so one faced away from you for others to view.
  2. Yes, you just plug them in. You don't need any special driver, just the Nvidia one that you downloaded to make it work. To set them up, use either the Nvidia driver, or windows. (right click on your background, select properties, settings.) Welcome to the world of dual screens.
  3. I have a X1650Pro and for my dual setup I just plugged them in and went into the display properties in Windows XP to extend the desktop and configure it as I wanted. Didn't need any special drivers at all.

    Can't image it being too different for an nVidia card.
  4. Thanks alot guys. I'm ordering the DVI cable today & will set them up next week. Can't wait to see what type of effect that will have while gaming.
  5. I try dualscreen with my 7600gt and it works very well
  6. It is real simple indeed, but some people just have never done it before.
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