The right motherboard to run as web server with Q6600.

I'm planing to build a server, web server, ftp server, dns server, mail server, all in one box, with Quadro 6600.
Performance is very important but reliability has to be the top priority with some overclockability.

What motherboard would you recommend to achieve my objectives?

Thanks for your kind reply in advance.
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  1. go with a newer mobo since many newer mobos bios will not boot a q6600

    as far as best?

    if you want raid stability i would use a separate card - the newer 975/965 chips sets seem to run raid 5 ok - all nvidia chipsets run raid 0 - ok

    all are slow

    tough question - suggest you narrow your features and do your own research then ask us from which we would suggest and why you picked the ones u did
    fair enough?
  2. Both Tyan and Supermicro specialize in server boards. I've had one Tyan desktop board, and had no problems with it.
  3. pick up an asus P5W64 WS Pro, they are a workstation board but have everythign you'll need for a socket 775 server.
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