Better at what Mem Speed??

Currently I have the following:

Asus P5B-E
C2D 6300
2g DDR2 800

With my current setup, would I be better off with an overall CPU speed of 2.8ghz and ram running at 700mhz,
or an overall CPU speed of 2.2ghz and ram running at the full 800mhz, any noticeable difference between the two?

With the ram running at 700mhz, I can get the timings to 4-4-4-12, with it at "normal" 800mhz speed, the tightest i can get is 5-5-5-15. (Comes stock at 6-6-6-18).
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  1. 2.8 and ram at 700mhz with timings of 4-4-4-12. no question about it. altho the ram is slower than normal the timings are faster than normal. it should make up for itself. that and you get the higher cpu clock speed. good luck
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