RAID 5 - free space dropped after rebuild

Any ideas on how to remedy this would be greatly appreciated.

A drive in a RAID5 array on my server failed today. The reason I first saw it was because I was trying to save a file to the server from a workstation and got an error saying there was no space left. There should have been around 30gb. I looked, and sure enough, it showed 0gb free.

I checked the server (Dell Poweredge 2600) and saw the error about the drive failure.

I rebuilt the array, no issues there. Shortly after starting the rebuild, the drive space showed up as 53mb. Then, after a while, 2.3 gb. After the rebuild was totally finished, it was still 2.3gb - even though the total drive size still showed as 192gb (as it always has been).

Even weirder, is that after about 20 minutes, it suddenly jumped to 5.3gb free space. That is where it stayed (for the last 3 hours anyway).

Any thoughts as to what would cause this or how to fix it? I'm not extremely well versed in RAID, but have rebuilt arrays due to this kind of issue before and never had any issue like this at all.

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