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I shutdown my pc at night. I woke up and I press the power button everything was ok, the MB logo screen came up and so until that blinking cursor came up on the top left of my screen. It came on right before the dual boot screen. I looked online to see if anyone has had the same issue. There's a few but most of them said run a rescue disk and restore from a prior date. I did that for each one 32bit and 64bit vista. And nothing same problem. I disconnected everything except for my monitor and keyboard and mouse. Same problem. I disconnected all hdd except for one each time and it said please select proper boot device and restart. So Im lost. My bios sees all 4 hdd and can boot from a disk. I haven’t checked my hdd on another pc yet but I really hope it’s not that. So any suggestions?
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  1. It does sound like it could very well be the HDD you use to boot from. Like you mentioned, try it on another machine and see if you get the same results. If not, report back to us and we can see what else we can come up with.
  2. looks like the hdd are ok, I still dont know whats wrong. so i decided to put buy another rig. but i would still like to know what happen
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