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I have a Toshiba satellite M60-104. It has an S-video output. This works but is very poor in quality when used as a PC screen. If I play a video, the quality is very much better. Can anyone give me an ide as to what I can do to improve the quality as a pc screen?

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  1. In lieu of further clarification I'm going to assume you are connecting your laptop to a television via the S-video output.

    An S-video connection carries a video signal of 480 or 576 interlaced lines, depending on which country you live in. Viewing any modern desktop OS at 640x480 on say, a 30" screen is not gonna be pretty :) Most video on the other hand, is either designed for standard definition (it was made to play on a TV), or in the case of HD video, is scaled down by the video player software.

    Some things you can do to improve the quality of your PC desktop:
    - Adjust the size of certain desktop elements such as icons, window borders & controls, etc.
    - Use bigger screen fonts.
    - Possibly even use a higher contrast color scheme, which might help on older TVs.

    This is precisely why the interface in Windows Media Center and other such software is called a "30 foot interface."
  2. Many thanks for the response. I also understand that S video is analogue hence the not so good quality. So If I use the digitl output to my tv
    (it has got a digital input) it should give me a better quality display. Must get a cable and try.

    I will let you know how I get on.

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