Which Flash Memory drive to get?

I don't know if I'll be using 8 GB of RAM, but it could come in handy. I found them for a bargain. The 8 GB ones are for only $80, while the 4 GB Sandisk is for just $30. Say if I go to a friend's house and dump their music on mine? Or run out of space. The Memorex one look stylish and is made for Vista. Sandisk(dont' see Vista on it, I'm sure it can do it though) is the better deal because it's only $30. I don't know about Sony, don't see a keychain attachment on it. So what do you guys think is the better deal? Does memorex look like a good deal, or sandisk?



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  1. why not just buy 2 of the sandisk? you would save a bunch of money
  2. I have 2 sandisk,1 sony,and 1 ocz,can't say I've had a problem with any of them(altough I'd buy a name brand),the ocz is the one that IMO is built the best(it's the one your supposed to be able to put in your wallet).I'm pretty tough on things in some cases so if you stepped on the sony or sandisk I don't know if you'd be use'n it that much(maybe tranferring data or tunes one last time if your lucky).Where as the ocz has been abused and still works without a hitch,although the sandisk does have a way to encrypt info,skype intro,and a few other neat gadgets....diffrent toys for diffrent circumstances,I carry the ocz the most,gl =).
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