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Serious windows vista problems

I have recently been given a laptop with windows vista installed on it. As to the service packs or what particular updates they have installed on it, i am not sure. Long story short, they were experiencing some sort of virus that pretty much spammed with pop ups every instance it could. To quickly fix it for the time being, i figured i would just do a system restore to a date prior to the date the owners told me the problem started to occur. Everything went as planned until i got to the user login screen. Upon getting to that screen there seems to be no possible way to get past it. I click on any user profile icon and even the shut down icon but to no avail does anything happen. Ive tried booting through safe mode, recovered to different dates, etc. Any advice as to how i could possibly login to the computer to start off? Thanks in advance...
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  1. Contact previous owner for log in password.
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    full destructive repair and factory restore, or clean re-format and install.
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