User folder hidden.


At C:/Documents and Settings, Where I should be able to see my User folder, I cant see it but can see Guest and All users.

I thought at first that it was hidden. But on enabling hidden files you cant see it. You can't see it by showing protected operating system files either, but if you enabling both you can...

Any ideas?

Can't even access it in the address bar by adding Documents and Settings/myusername to the end.

I am thinking using a linux live disc and copying the contents of the hidden user folder to a new identical one then replacing it and windows wont be any the smarter :p. Will this work? Or is the user folder something special?

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  1. log in as the administrator account on your pc (press Ctrl Alt and Del to display a username and password box, type in administrator and the password if it needs one). make the folder visible using the method you used previously. rename the folder and then log off. log back in as yourself

    note - it will take some time as it is recreating your folder.

    once logged in copy the contents of the old folder across to your new one.
  2. Hehe.

    I have fast user switching on so no Ctrl Alt Del for me!

    Thanks for your advice will try.
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