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Hey,guys im student/Freelancer not much experienced but recently while im rending in my 3ds max2011 64-bits,vray2.0sp1 im getting always and error tht the software/application has closed unexpectedly and after checking the report details its show sm 2 file sm 3ds dump.dmp its is not fixed after how many frames it show i mean after how many frames my max closes down unxepectedly this is recently happening before this never such type of error i have faced also when im im redering in my maya 2011 it remain consistent no error nothing for tht isuse already i done my pc memory checks with help of memtest an dmy graphis drivers also my softwares but i still got no solution i have formatted my pc numerous time too i have tried to intall 3ds max form diff copys of disc too but one thing i noticed tht when im turning my firewall off and im not installing my norton 360 my 3ds max render remain stable but ass soon as i install my norton 360 and turn on firewall it get same old its starts acting up i just cant find solution if i dont install any security program virus issue ll rise and if i install it my 3ds max messes up but thing is also i have been using this same verison of max 2011 64-bits from almost a year now but before this never such erro came also i have updates my max to sp2 which is very recent update of it alos my norton 360 is licensed one plzzz help mee

My pc Config
Processor : AMD Phenom IIX4 970 BE 3.5GHZ
Motherboard :Gigabyte 990FXA-UD5
RAM : 16GB Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1600MHZ
Graphic : 1GB Zotac Nvidia 9500gt DDR2
HSF : CoolerMaster HYPER 212+
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  1. check with Autodesk about conflicts between norton 360 an the 3ds liscence server, as well as Vray and Backburner.
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