Water Cooled, Vs. Air heat-sinks w/heat-pipe?!

So I'm curious about which will be enough to cool an e4300 when OC to 3GHz (No more than 3ghz).

I look on intel's site at e4300's max operating temp = 61.4c (http://processorfinder.intel.com/details.aspx?sSpec=SL9TB)

I guess the recommended MAX temp should be no higher 55c?

Well here are the two coolers I'm looking at:

The Cooler Master Hyper TX Socket 775 CPU Cooler [ Air cooled -(I can find this for $15)]


The COOLER MASTER AQUAGATE VIVA RL-M4A-E7E1-GP Liquid Cooling System [water cooled -(I can find this] for like $50, so it is a good deal)
http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16835103017&ATT=35 -103-017&CMP=OTC-Fro(ogle&cm_mmc=OTC-Froogle-_-Water+Cooling-_-Cooler+Ma ster-_-35103017)

The water is supposed to be more effective, right? Or will the heatsink with heatpipes be alright as well?
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  1. For a comparison if heatsinks, go to http://www.anandtech.com/casecooling/showdoc.aspx?i=3005&p=4.
    Don't take the article as an exact measurement of performance, but just a generalization.

    61.4 C max is the TCase temperature. The Tjunction temp (i.e. the core temps) are 15C higher. So keep the core temps within 61.4+15=76.4C. With any half decent HS, the temperature should be within 76.4.

    Don't get watercooling unless you are going to push it as high as possible.
  2. I overclocked the same processor to 3Ghz in a build for my dad less than a month ago. I used a Thermalright Ultra-120 and a Scythe S-Flex fan. Together on Newegg these will cost you roughly $60. Load temps rarely approach 60, and it idles in the low 30's depending on the ambient. I did lap the HSF, but not the CPU. This reduced temps roughly 4C on both load and idle. The Aquagate is terrible, it performs worse than some air-coolers. Stay away, it'll be more of a pain then it is worth. If you want a cheaper air cooler, the Artic Cooling 7 should suffice to reach the overclock you desire, albeit at higher temps.
  3. I second what cb26fcni said. The aquagate is performs worse than the majority of heatpipe coolers.

    However, I would recommend a better cooler than the Hyper TX. If you were willing to spend the $50 on a cooler, I would recommend that you try looking at the Thermalright Ultra 120 or the Sunbeam Tuniq Tower 120 in that price range. They will give you much better cooling performance, especially if you desire to overclock in the future.
  4. Get the Tuniq Tower 120, it includes the fan, even a fan controller too, and thermal paste and it performs almost identical to the Ultra 120. With the Ultra 120 you still have to buy a decent fan, $10-15, and thermalpaste, $5-10.
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