Hows LeadTek as a gpu maker?

Are they any good or are they trast like zogis and ecs.
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  1. I had a Geforce 4 Leadtek card for 5 years, the only thing that happened is fan crapped out about 2 years ago, and I slapped an old cpu fan I had on it, and it ran fine for two more years, actually never stopped running fine I just decided to upgrade. I highly recommend Leadtek cards from my experience at least.
  2. Same here, used my old Geforce Leadtek card for 3 years till the fan stopped working and it started overheating. Nothing else really to complain about.
  3. I give thumbs up to Leadtek. Had a ti4600 and then a 6600GT from them and my buddy has their 7600GT. No issues and good success with overclocking.
  4. My last two vid cards were Leadtek. I have a GeForce 3 Ti 200 that is 6 years old and still in use in one of my older P4 machines - fan is still kickin' too. I also have a 7800gtx that is 18 months old and running fine.
  5. They are quality cards in my experience. Generally a little bit more expensive, but with decent bundles.
  6. yea I can geta leadtek 8600GT for 99$ on newegg im gonna get that sounds like there a great brand lol the fan looks like its good as well.
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