from D820 to 93x or 94x is it worth it?

If I will upgrade my current cpu(D 820) to 93x or 94x, will I see any improvements in games and is it worth it? Will it last a few more years?

My motherboard doesnt support the core 2 Duos

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  1. They only difference I know of is that it uses a 65nm Presler core instead of a 90nm Smithfield.

    It should at least run cooler and allow a higher overclock.
  2. An Unnecessary worthless upgrade. In my opinion, you should overclock if possible, otherwise performance gain is next to unnoticeable, only a few points gain on synthetic benchmarks and a few frame on Games, a little bit cooler CPU and a watt or two less because of 65nm but because of it's inefficient Architecture, Netburst(Sh!tburst) it won't help much, only overclocking gains if you had no choice but this (Good Budget Overclocking Intel Board + 100$ Core 2 Duo@ July 22nd = P30wns your current Setup to Bits(Bits = X10 Better)

    Last< Even Garbage in a landfill "lasts" but seriously if your already considering
    "upgrading :lol:" you should spill a little bit more for Core 2 Duo or Core 2 Quad @ 266$
    (Yes, I know you don't have a Core 2 Duo or Quad Supporting MoBo)
  3. OK Thanks for the advice

    I'll probably wait and save for the new parts
  4. What I did was buy a Core 2 duo chip with a cheap Mobo combo. Basically a Free ECS board from fry's. Some web sites will have similar combo deals. I see the board as a temp part until I can afford a new board, PCI-E gpu, & DDR2. So the E6300 works just fine, no overclocks with this ECS mobo, but it is still faster that the majority of Pentium D 9XX chips, and cooler w' less power draw. I'm still using AGP and DDR.
    So I was basically only out the cost of the Chip ($153) You might consider this type of path if you find some good combo deals.

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