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Gamespot kidding or just me stuck!!!

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
July 14, 2007 1:36:10 PM

I've lately had some troubles with my 7950GX2.

In gamespot benchmarks for company of heroes my graphics card has got the game running at 59 fps(1280*1024 Ultra Quality) but I get a 21 fps result. When I told my graphics card manufacturer they told me to test my graphics card on 3DMark06. In Tom's hardware website I checked and saw the result(in 3DMark06's HDR\SM3.0 graphics test) should be about 3000 which I get a higher rate but I really just can't understand how it is possible.(I also have trouble with so many other games but the manufacturers only trust 3DMark's results) Has any other one compared his results with gamespot's ?which one?

Any idea why may it happen?


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July 14, 2007 3:55:15 PM

I hate to ask such a question, but do you have SLI enabled?
July 14, 2007 4:32:03 PM

another thing, do you have the latest video drivers installed for your card? I don't know how many people I've met who are just using the windows drivers for their graphics cards and saying that their card sucks (which it may, but it would suck much less if they actually downloaded the drivers).
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July 14, 2007 5:34:28 PM

To strangestranger:

In Tom's hardware website I checked and saw the result(in 3DMark06's HDR\SM3.0 graphics test) should be about 3000 which I get a higher rate

My problem is that I even get a higher rate than on tom's hardware website but I almost have trouble running all games(while taking the as any-other-game-real-time rendering feature in 3DMark06 into account) .

And I'm sure my system's powerful enough to run this game at the highest, check it:

Core 2 E6600(Factory-Shipped Frequencies)
2*1GB PNY DDR2-667(PC2-5300)
Club-3D GF7950GX2(Factory-Shipped Frequencies)(Driver:162.18, 91.47, 93.71 in WinXP)
Maxtor 250 GB SATAII 6V250F0

To Heyyou27:

I was wondering if you think I'm insane,man. As I have mentioned I'm using GF7950GX2 not SLI GF7950GX2.

To bigsby:

I've used 162.18, 93.71 and notably 91.47 that is used in gamespot's tests as following URL proves:

Thank to you all
July 14, 2007 6:41:38 PM

The 7950GX2 is literally a pair of 7900GTs in SLI and will not gain the performance benefit of both GPUs unless SLI is enabled in the drivers. Running more than one monitor is impossible when SLI is enabled and this is why Nvidia leaves enabling it up to the user.
July 14, 2007 8:56:32 PM

I've got multi-gpu enabled and also using ONE monitor.

I think you both are kidding me not gamespot. I mean how is it possible that my graphics card works just well in 3DMark but in all games having awesome performance reduction(e.g. about 59 fps(right result),21 fps(my result))(Company of Heroes,Marvel Ultimate Alliance,NFS Carbon &...)?

Also you know that 3DMark uses real-time rendering like any other games' gameplay. And comparing the results on my system with the results on tom's hardware website show that my multi-gpu configuration is working well and also in other games.

Unfortunately I can not prove that my graphics card has not acceptable performance to club-3d unless I show them its performance it 3dmark which you know I can't.

July 15, 2007 2:12:48 AM

Being a previous SLI owner, enabling SLI in a game that isn't supported by the driver would often result in worse performance than single GPU rendering. Seconds after the Geforce 8 series was launched Nvidia stopped support for the Geforce 7 series making drivers for the older hardware irrelevant in Nvidia's eyes. Gamespot may have created their own SLI profile for the game, which would explain why their results were so much better than yours. Hope this helps:
July 15, 2007 12:55:24 PM

Firstly, to all whom may think of me having any bad purpose of JOKING:

Following your advices(strangestranger) says not to use that kind of WORDS(just kidding).
Also you're right strangestranger, my native language is Persian, I'm from Iran and just 15.
At last I should mention that I don't like anyone be angry of me so


I have said that as you can see in the page on gamespot website, they've used 91.47 driver release in their tests on all NVIDIA graphics cards and 7950GX2 is no exception.And also A dual-gpu graphics card does not use SLI technology and a proof of this is that Nvidia has changed the phrase "SLI" to "multi-gpu".
I had checked the results with Futuremarks' ORB facility and now checked again but I'm getting the correct result.
Also I've asked NVIDIA technical support and they've verified that 93.71 driver release supports all the games released earlier than the driver "93.71" (including Company of Heroes) in multi-gpu(for 7950GX2).
Based on all I've said,now I say that:

1.Gamespot has used one Geforce 7950GX2(Only two GPU's(one card));
2.Gamespot has utilized 91.47 driver;
3.Gamespot has used Win XP SP2;
4.Gamespot has got a 59 fps average frame rate;
5.Gamespot has tested the game at 1280*1024 with the highest graphical settings possible.
And I am using the same configuration as gamespot but getting 21 fps. (System specifications are located down the benchmarks)

In addition I've also tried single gpu configuration but sensed no sensible change.
Even if it is because of multi-gpu,driver incompatibility and according to heyyou27, maybe SLI profile(I also tried every kind of configuration) and...(which I'm sure isn't) , such a difference(38 fps)?

In my contacts with NVIDIA,ASUS and Club-3D technical support, they all asked the same questions but:

1.Installed and tested the latest graphics drivers;
2.Installed latest MB chipset Driver(Intel P965(Northbridge) and ICH8(Southbridge))
3.Used the latest BIOSes(I've used from 0601 to 1501 which ASUS says that even 0601 BIOS supports 7950GX2)
4.Installed the latest patches for the game "Company of Heroes" to ensure the right results.
5.Used the right power supply (According to the information included with my graphics card and on the Club-3D website)
and ...

The problem doesn't end up here and I'm also having trouble with many other games. AND ONLY 3Dmark works well and ONLY 3Dmark is trusted by manufacturers.

Can you try a game and check the results with ones on gamespot website? It may help. Any other suggestion?
Specifically I would be so thankful If you could ask any of your friends who have GF7950GX2 to have a test on their system and inform me of the result.

July 16, 2007 3:52:00 AM

Well the problem is very clear.
Did you know gamespot is biased? I mean if a 8800gts scores 55 fps in company of heroes how could a 7950gx2 score better? And for your knowledge a 7950gx2 is roughly a 7900gtx, and maybe i'm biased now but the 7950gx2 isn't that great.
Lower the quality to high and see what happens.
July 16, 2007 5:05:36 AM

I know, you mean 8800 GTS is more powerful than 7950GX2;But rarely. You can take a look at the following pages:

As you know, memory bandwidth of a graphics card almost says everything about performance and 7950GX2's bandwidth is 76.8 GB/S but 8800GTS's bandwidth is just 64 GB/S.

Even if 8800GTS is more powerful than 7950GX2, it isn't such an awesome difference(21fps<>55fps),is it?
Also in gamespot's results for Company of Heroes , 7950GX2 has run the game at 59 fps with the highest settings and 1280*1024 resolution. But why do I run it at 21 fps with the same settings,even though I haven't any problem with 3DMark in tests.(but I have trouble with all other games)

Any other idea?
July 16, 2007 5:24:17 AM

Was your PC a fresh build - meaning a fresh install of Windows? What background processes do you have running while playing? Also, is it possible to disable one of the cores of your CPU and test from there?
July 16, 2007 5:35:01 AM

Yes I've formatted all my hard disk and installed windows again for many times.
Also I've tested on WinXP SP2 and MCE and WinVista 32-bit(Ultimate).
The same background processes are running when I test games and 3DMark but how different the results?!!

Awaiting other solutions
July 16, 2007 6:40:26 AM

Well you are wrong about the bandwidth it doesn't always equals more performance it's much more complex then that.
And how i said gamespot are very biased i really don't trust them at least when it comes to game reviews.
July 16, 2007 6:58:29 AM

cristip60, I am wondering about the source of gamespot's results. Gamespot says that 7950GX2 has run the game at 59fps but on the following page you see that even XFX 8800 Ultra XXX has run the game(1280*1024,AA Enabled) at 43.2 fps:

Real Thanks,
a b U Graphics card
July 16, 2007 8:08:26 AM

Gamespots benches dont seem that far off look here One thing is, sometimes SLI drops out, or doesnt work. Can you go with just 1 gpu? If so, try it and see if it improves somewhat. The only other thing you may try is to get the same drivers used in those benchmarks and see if they work for you. Good luck
July 16, 2007 9:34:58 AM

What more proof do you want you saw for yourself, if an xfx 8800ultra xxx scores 43 fps how could a 7850gx2 score higher.
July 16, 2007 12:35:09 PM

Thank the lord I'm not a 3d card tech support operative.
a b U Graphics card
July 16, 2007 1:43:20 PM

If you read the thread I posted, it shows them getting 55.6 fps with 4xAA at 12x10. They were using the 91.47 drivers. Try those drivers to see if they work. This is a bench done by Annands, a respected site, trust those numbers. Something is wrong, like I said, try the older drivers. I think your sli solution isnt right somehow, only using one chip
July 16, 2007 2:38:30 PM

After looking at the page jaydeejohn provided, now I think that getting 53 fps result is on 8800 Ultra is only because of DX10 Improvements(Graphics Improvements that causes the program to need a higher specification).And as jaydeejohn has implied the results are creditable to him and so to me. Now what?(Thanks However)

I have tried one gpu as I had it mentioned in last posts. Also I tried 91.47 Driver release(gamespot has also used this driver) and after your suggestion I tried one gpu and 91.47 at the same time.

I think all these problems are due to incompatibility of my MB with my VGA. There is a motherboard compatibility page on both ASUS and NVIDIA website and there's no name of ASUS P5B on NVIDIA's. Check them : 87&modelmenu=1

Even has used P5B Deluxe which NVIDIA says does not support 7950GX2.
When I told ASUS about the P5B incompatibility they said that P5B with 0601(and higher) BIOS fully supports 7950GX2. I've used all the versions from 0601 to 1501 but no change. I also asked NVIDIA to contact ASUS technical support and try to convince them but they said they have no influence on ASUS.(it doesn't need influence!!!just a normal contact)

They asked me to try the same software as Club-3D had asked which was 3DMark 05 and 06.But my graphics card works well on all 3DMark versions!!!

As I have already mentioned my problem is not only wth COH it's with many other games,too.

Only if one of you could assure me that buying a new MB would solve the problem(130$) I would do it right away!

Just think about it for a short while:
You've recently purchased a new system about 2,000 $. Right after your purchase date NVIDIA releases Geforce 8800 series(You've bought your graphics card at 700 $). Don't ask about the problems with the VGA cause it will take days to answer(real Hydra) and then you're locked in place :pt1cable:  stuck?Hmm?!!

Awaiting a saving solution and thanks

July 16, 2007 4:29:28 PM

hey dude
im running a 6400@3ghz on an asus p5b with 2 gigs of ddr800 with a 7900gt (mild overclock)and im clocking about 34fps in the coh bench with everything maxed out and on 1600*900 (or whatever that resolution is exactly).sorry i couldnt be that specific but im not currently near my point is that: something is seriously wrong with your score.hmmm,whats the deal with your power supply?i kmow that the 7950 is heavy on power consumption,so it may not be getting the required juice?
July 16, 2007 7:33:14 PM

"Thank the lord I'm not a 3d card tech support operative."

i second it
July 16, 2007 8:25:00 PM

goldenboy said:
hey dude
im running a 6400@3ghz on an asus p5b with 2 gigs of ddr800 with a 7900gt (mild overclock)and im clocking about 34fps in the coh bench with everything maxed out and on 1600*900 (or whatever that resolution is exactly).sorry i couldnt be that specific but im not currently near my point is that: something is seriously wrong with your score.hmmm,whats the deal with your power supply?i kmow that the 7950 is heavy on power consumption,so it may not be getting the required juice?

I agree with him. What kind of PSU are you using?
July 17, 2007 6:38:30 AM

My Power is a Green(manufacturer) 680wPeak and 500wReal which I'm really sure about it's sufficiency.
As I said I don't have any problem with 3DMark but I'm having a lot with all games.
July 17, 2007 7:35:40 AM

Another thing,

Is there anyone who can send me the company of heroes 1 to 1.02 patch(only) installer to my e-mail or provide me with its URL?, my internet connection is 56K so I can't download more than that.

If there is anybody who can send it to me, tells me and I will send him my e-mail via a private message.

July 17, 2007 9:27:30 AM

Your CoH framerate sounds right at ultrahigh settings..It's hard on graphic cards and even on a 8800GTX I got a low of 29fps at 1920x1200.
Try dropping your settings to high and see how it goes..I'm always wary of fps in gaming sites and it's highly dependent on your motherboard/mem/hard drive setup etc.
Also post the rest of your system specs so we can have a look and see where the bottleneck is hopefully.

July 17, 2007 9:40:25 AM

ok so i checked it out this rig is able to run the benchmark and average 31fps.(it was around 35 until i updated my invidia drivers which resulted in far superior picture at the expense of less performance).and that is at 1600x900 with all details on ultra or highest as well as the model detail slider set to i will repeat,something is wrong with your rig if its posting anything less than could be o.s related.have you tried cleaning out your registry?i also know that coh eats through ram so it might just be that?i remember when i was running 1gig my coh scores were almost half what they are long does it take to load up the benchmark?let me know,maybe one of your ram sticks isint functioning?
July 17, 2007 12:14:16 PM

are u sure ur PSU has enough juice on the 12V rail? some PSUs don't have reliable voltage on the 12v rail which would cause decreased performance on some video cards.
July 17, 2007 2:08:38 PM

to Airblazer:
Core 2 E6600(Factory-Shipped Frequencies)
2*1GB PNY DDR2-667(PC2-5300)
Club-3D GF7950GX2(Factory-Shipped Frequencies)(Driver:162.18, 91.47, 93.71 in WinXP)
Maxtor 250 GB SATAII 6V250F0

Also thanks for the link.

to goldenboy,
It's about 5 days that I've installed Win XP SP2 but I had the problem on Vista Ultimate 32-bit, Win XP SP1 and Win XP Media Center Edition.

In my contacts with NVIDIA technical support they asked me to try the following program to test my graphics card:

Can you have a benchmark on your system using that?
These are my results:
162.18: 2021
91.47: 2061

to darkace:

According to the following pages I think the problem is not due to PSU deficiency but I would be so grateful If you could take a further look at them and inform me of the result: //My PSU ulator=nvidia //Required Voltage & Wattage("calculator=nvidia" not "calc ulator=nvidia")

Thank you all

July 17, 2007 4:02:50 PM

ok i ran that benchmark and only scored 1269 with 91.47

however,i also ran the coh benchmark at 1280x1024 with everything maxed out and managed 42.3fps average, so i would assume that you should be getting around 55fps
July 17, 2007 5:47:53 PM

Have you checked to see if your PCI-e slot is running at 16x. A while back there was someone here that had his switching between 1x and 8x, never reaching full bandwidth. You can check it using CPU-z.

July 17, 2007 5:52:44 PM

I read he thread and someone mentioned it, but didn't give it enough attention. You NEED more RAM. You PC can't handle those large graphics files and use your disk drive for swapping and expect high FPS. I would highly recommend you get more RAM. Otherwise the PCI-E slot or your motherboard model is the problem.
July 17, 2007 8:36:03 PM

You've got a bottleneck somewhere, try swapping the RAM out for something faster and bigger - check your GPU or CPU isn't overheathing. If your sure it's not the GPU, try bench your PC with PCMark05 and compare it with similar submissions on Futuremarks site. It will help dtermine where you might be bottlenecking.

Good luck.
July 17, 2007 9:48:31 PM

After installing the 1.2 patch I tested the game again and got 54.6fps. However it was using one GPU and I couldn't change it to multi-gpu cause there are compatibility issues with the game which have made NVIDIA do disable the multi-gpu in 3d settings for this game.

I tried to use a trick but didn't work so exactly. I changed the executable-file's name(RelicCOH) to renegade.exe which is multi-gpu enabled in NVIDIA control panel. The graphics card showed off at 94.6fps(more than 8800Ultra) but there were some textures continuously flashing dark and light.


M.Amin Bandekhoda
July 18, 2007 3:08:20 AM

Where glad that you got your problem solved.