Best SLI Motherboard?

well, i havent really given much thought to SLI, as i was pretty sold on P35; but im reconsidering it- what is the best performance wise/overclocking wise board for SLI? in the same price range or a little bit more than the GA-p35-DS3R?
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  1. i would say the asus striker extreme motherboard
  2. looking for something more in the 200 dollar or less range; if i remember correctly, that thing is almost 300
  3. i have this motherboard and im extremely happy with it
  4. I would not recommend any Nvidia chips since they get very hot but that would rule out SLI and only allow Crossfire.

    I would recommend highly a X58 and maybe a Core I7 920 to start, since it also supports SLI and Crossfire!

    Otherwise if its money your trying to save then you may not even want to do SLI or Crossfire so you can get any G31/P31 or better and a single high performance Gforce or ATI card that your budget can afford.

    Good Luck
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