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I recently installed a new Diamond X1950Pro 512Mb PCI-e card and getting a boot problem. The screen would cycle white, red, green, blue, black, white etc.

This would go on for a while and then the Window XP would start. This was on first installation and driver install. I have booted the machine one or two times after that for driver update with the cycle effect and then to the desktop. I was curious about this since I have never seen this before in the past when I upgraded video cards. Now my machine does not show the XP screen although I still heard the odd sound to suggest the boot is still proceeding and I should be in the desktop but I still see the color cycle. The machine status light does not indicate there is any problem. I do not get any no video signal error from the screen.

So could this be a problem due to a low power supply to the card ? My PSU is below the recommended requirement but since I have no extra components and the extreme power calculator shows I would only be using about 277W I though it would be okay. I want to make sure it is just a power supply problem rather than the card.

If it is the PSU, can any one recommend a decent one ? The manual suggest a +12V with 30A but most of the one I looked does not have this on the +12V rail. My budget is limited and I cannot afford to spend $200CA on a PSU. I have seen some in the 550W range that supplies +12V on 15A to 20A. Would these be sufficient ?

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  1. what exactly is your current psu?
  2. It is the default Dell E521 PSU so it is well below the recommended level. What good PSU are there below $100CA ?
  3. Check to see if a ATX style psu will fit in your case, you may have to do some surfing, or look here in the forums, I think theres a Dell section. If so, get something that puts out at least 19 amps PER rail on the 12 volt rails, meaning thered be 2 rails at 19 amps each. The enermax Noisetaker 425 is good.Make sure its version 2.
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