Virus-Please help me


I made too many web projects(websites), and as we all know that websites has too many html files. I had stored these projects on my pc. After sometime when i installed an antivirus (AVG, Avast), I was surprised. I saw that all html files stored in my pc are detected as virus by my antivirus and automatically deleted.

It is showing something like "HTML Framer virus".
I am very scared. Please help me what should i do?
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More about virus please
  1. Are they both showing it as the framer or is it just AVG
  2. This is usually an AVG issue!
  3. i have installed many antivirus(avg avast Norton ) but result same...
  4. Are u running multiple AV'S at the same time?
  5. no..i am not running multiple antivirus.. but i have tried these all.............
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