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Hi! I have my internet service provider having a maximum speed of 80kb/s when downloading. Each time I download a file while I'm playing online games, I am always having lags on my game, so I always close my downloading process. Problem is, the download speed ONLY COMSUMES ABOUT 40kb/s which is only half of the maximum that's why I always consider downloading while playing. Upon observing the bandwidth consumed by the online game, it only consumes about 10-20kb/s. Why is this so? I want to consume the entire speed without having lags on my games. How can I able to do this? Softwares? Please help...
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  1. You need a faster connection. My fiance loves to download anime and i would have the same problem, she would turn on bit torrent, and it would hog all my bandwidth. I upgraded from a 4k to a 8k connection, and now i can play my games while she downloads. Also keep in mind your running both processess off of one computer, and anydownloading program out there today is a system hog, are poorly designed, and just get the job done, they are not optimized in anyway. Truth of the matter is they dont make any money really, so they see no need to give you a better performing app then they do.
  2. Whenever I download something through a bit torrent, my whole internet gets extremely slow, even if it is only downloading at like 10KBps. My connection is 6Mbps, so I definitely have some room. I just think programs like that use up a lot of bandwidth, trying to connect to so many people.
  3. Exactly there hogs, and it sucks, but hey what can you do.
  4. blacksci said:
    Exactly there hogs, and it sucks, but hey what can you do.

    :lol: Booyah?
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