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Ok, so recently i experienced this typing problem where typing took up a bunch of CPU in the task manager and lagged out everything. When i would try to play a game for example; i would press and hold w to walk and my computer would freeze until i let go, stopping all the video and sound. So i went into the computer and took out the CMOS battery for a minute or two put it back in and restarted my computer. NO TYPING PROBLEMS! But then on my next boot up they come back again? Any suggestions, i really hate having to break open my computer every time i want to use it.
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  1. Go to the device manager, uninstall your keyboard, then restart. It will reinstall on restart. See if that fixes the lag.
  2. Well, it didnt work but i notice if i unplug the keyboard and put it back in the lagging gets a bit better, i mean CPU usage goes to like 74% not 100% ....?
  3. Look at the process tab. What process is hogging the CPU?
  4. Almost sounds like an IRQ conflict between the usb controller and another component that gets heavy usage.
    Go into device manager and see what else is using the same IRQ as your usb controllor.
    If need be you can uninstall it, reboot, and let windows find it again. Hopefully this time using a different IRQ.
  5. Could even be a hardware problem with the keyboard. Do you have a spare one you could try?
  6. Well it was the ps/2 port, i got a sub keyboard from work and it works great. No more problems
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