New Computer Just Crashed, One Long Beep After Turning On

For the first time in 13 years, I built a computer from scratch. I did so in anticipation of using Windows Vista as my new operating system platform. I have the following specs

Intel Core 2 Duo E6700
Corsair XMS2 2GB
Asus P5N32 SLI
2 500GB WD, RAID 0
650W power supply
Thermaltake VE2000LCS

I was installing software and transferring files all day yesterday, and it was working fine.

Things changed today however. I was in the middle of installing software when my computer locks up. Can not ALT-CTRL-DEL, so I just turned it off. When I turn it back on, all I hear is one long beep. It goes away after ten seconds, then it has one long beep again. What gives? I'm not even overclocking. I can't even get into BIOS.
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  1. Go to this web page. It give you beeps and their meaning. I'm not a beginner, but I sometimes forget whart they mean.
    Hope this helps.
  2. I found that page earlier, thank you. Unfortunately, it does nothing to solve my problems. I tried the method of removing one PC component at a time, and I've narrowed it down to my graphics card and my CPU. When I turned on the system with or without my card in, it does the same long beep. Does this mean my video card is fried? BTW, none of my beeps match with the previously mentioned page. Mine is one long continous shrill beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep with no short beeps.
  3. Here the reply to one long continuous beep. (Power supply, system board, or keyboard problem)
    I'd start with your keyboard. If its USB try using a PS2 or vise versa.
    I really hope changing the keyboard works. I'm using the same motherboard and getting really to dual boot with Vista Prem 64bit
  4. I'm using a normal PS2 keyboard. Funny thing is, I tried starting up the computer without anything attached (e.g. no keyboard, no mouse, no monitor, etc). Still same long continuous beep.

    I don't know if this means anything, but I removed the power supply from my graphics card (while still in slot), and it let out the wail of a banshee. Does that mean anything? Does it mean my graphics card still works?
  5. I had this problem some time ago on my ASUS board. It was my RAM sticks. Try taking out one of the modules and booting with just one. You can also try using different memory slots on the board. If that doesn't work, I suggest trying another PCIe slot for your video card.
  6. not sure if that thermaltake info you mentioned is your power supply. But what brand is your psu? and how much did it cost you? Also check your manual to see what it says about the beeping. Not all beeps are universal so hopefully it can enlighten you with some much needed information.
  7. Normally one long beep indicates that your video card is not recieving the power its supposed to, Id check and recheck that all the power cables are securely attached to you video card.
  8. My bad. Sorry for not being more specific. I mentioned two seperate things.
    Thermaltake Toughpower 650W PSU
    Thermaltake VE2000LCS (which is my case/chassis)
  9. I'll be damned. I've got some good news and some bad news.

    The good news: my computer works again.
    The bad news: I will no longer be able to upgrade my memory. Thanks to a lot of help from you folks and the internet, I tried this method of simply switching my memory to another slot (from A to B). I think this means those memory slots are now dead. :( Oh well. I'm happy with two gigs right now.
  10. uhhh... RMA ur mobo
  11. Uh, was the RAM in the correct slots? MBs require you to put the RAM in specific slots for dual channel. If you put them in the wrong slots, then your PC won't work. Check you manual for more information.
  12. I found a page of beep codes. They are listed according to The Bios type or name. Under the Compaq BIOS the one continuous tone identifies the memory module. (
  13. PCKid777 said:
    Uh, was the RAM in the correct slots? MBs require you to put the RAM in specific slots for dual channel. If you put them in the wrong slots, then your PC won't work. Check you manual for more information.

    I believe so. I was able to install Vista, have it up and running for about a day. The computer only failed recently. Again, I want to emphasize that I was in the middle of installing software, but to make it more clear I was in the Vista environment. If I'm not mistaken, the RAM layout on my board is like this.

    A1 A2 B1 B2

    I had both my ram sticks in A's.

    My MB manual didn't mention any specific rules except that the memory amounts must be equal. (e.g. A1 = B1, A1+A2=B1+B2).

    I'm up and running fine now, but my new challenge is now trying to keep my Mobo cool. According to my PCProbe program, it's running hot at 30 degrees Celsius.

    BTW, thanks for the replies. I'm starting to like this place.
  14. Glad to hear it is working.

    30C is actually a fine temperature for the motherboard to be at. If it bugs you though, just add a extra intake fan and it should cool it fine.
  15. Just to make it easier: Were you running both the RAM sticks in a Yellow Slot - Black Slot configuration, Black Slot - Black Slot configuration, or Yellow Slot - Yellow Slot configuration? For dual channel to work, you would have to install RAM in the same colored slots.
  16. It was blue and white slot.

    I've got a new problem now. Now computer is freezing up. It doesn't matter if I'm in Vista or if I'm in BIOS. It just freezes. I'm starting to hate this computer building crap.
  17. First off, having them in the wrong slots doesn't render the computer useless. It only either enables or disables dual-channel mode unless something's changed all of a sudden in the computer world. Second, I'd RMA the board just to make sure. It seems like it's deteriorating for some reason but it still might be the PSU failing and taking the board with it. Eliminate anything you can :)
  18. Actually, I've heard stories where the PC had major issues because the RAM was in the wrong slots - i.e. failure to boot.

    @ Dimness - Make sure the RAM is ONLY in the Blue Slots or ONLY in the White Slots. (I guess the MB pic I looked at was different - sorry).
  19. You said you have blue and white slot. Is your mobo p5n32E-sli instead of p5n32 sli? Make sure you have both sticks in the BLUE slots and set voltage to memory specs (1.9V but make sure through manufacturers site or box). If after this you still have problems, download and burn memtest86 to a cdrom and run a few tests but I think getting them in the right slots and setting correct voltage will fix your problems.

  20. maybe graphics card not getting proper power to fan??? maybe. interested in fingding out myself...
  21. I'm going to try and get some new memory. I'm going with the QVL list this time. THis is messed up. How in the hell can a computer work perfectly fine one minute and then just give up? It's really not playing nice with my memory.
  22. Because that is life. I had a computer that worked while the MB grounded with the case (no standoffs whatsoever). How could the computer work if it was shorting out for an entire year before I blew it up? that is a good question. (BTW - I upgraded a component and screwed a screw too tight and then - POOF!)
  23. ATTENTION EVERYBODY !!! Please do yourself a favour,,when you are going to inatall a NEW/or USED NEW to you,,,, MOBO..
    Take the time to bench the beast before you put it in the box,you must remember that due to today's current market conditions [fierce competition and ever changing targets] MOBO manufacturers no longer bench MOBO's before they are shipped to wholesalers/retailers,you might even consider booting to a floppy with memtest on it and letting it run overnight,you'll save yourself a lot of grief :)) ..Have phunn...
  24. I've RMA the motherboard. I'll be getting new memory as well. If only the new memory works, then I've got bad sticks in the first place. If all memory sticks work, then I'll have four gigs to play with. :)
  25. BTW, does anybody know what the G designation on the end of my memory is?

    I noticed the QVL says that CM2X1024-6400C4 was okay for the motherboard.....except I have a G on the end of my memory stick.
  26. problem with motherboard crahed.
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