Asus Striker Extreme (cpu init)

I got my pc and everything was fine, put the gfx card in, the ram, the cpu etc etc . and a CPU INIT error shows....
Tried absolutely everything to get rid of this error and for my pc to boot. Tried resetting the cmos tried switching the ram for old ram(for less voltage or something), even taken it back to where i purchased all the parts from and they dont even know and read so many forums that my head is about to explode. What to do next? call asus? somebody please help.
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  1. ok, follow this steps.
    1.unplug the computer from the AC
    2. unplug from the mobo the ATX12v and the EATXPWR
    3.remove the bios battery wait 30 secs {dont put it again)
    4. move clrcmos jumper to enable position {meaning jumper in pins 2-3}
    and wait 30 secs.
    5. press and HOLD the clrcmos switch for 30 secs then relase,{now clrcmos is clring the cmos} you are going to let the switch in tht position for 2 hrs.. this is very important or it wont work
    6. After 2 hrs, press the clrcmos switch to turn it off {dont change the clrcmos enable jumer to disable) leave it enable.
    7. connect only the next devices to your computer. 1 sata drive, 1 ide drive, 2 ddr2 dimms in blue slots, 1 video card. 1 striker extreme audio card. and 1 ps2 keyboard {usb wont do} and connect all pc fans
    8. recheck that nothing expet the hardware mention above is connected.
    9.plug the atx12v and the eatxpower connector and pcie aux if needed
    10. put in the cmos battery
    11. connect your computer to the ac
    12. turn on the pc, and after 3 secs, your going to start hiting {del} in your keyboard, not to fast, 1 click per sec. do more and u will disable the keyboard.
    13. asumming the computer boots and enter the bios, go directly to your ram configuration and set voltage to memmory specification (ultra important!!) if you dont set correct voltage to your ram u will get cpu init again in next reboot
    14. boot and go to asus and download the new bios 1301 i think it is, and flash your bios. recheck memmory voltage has not been changed
    alternative option1
    if computer does not start, do all the process again only this time:
    between steps 5 and 6 your going to connect your cmos battery upsidedown ( yes you read correctly, your going to flip 180 degrees the battery from its original position, and leavit there for 1 minute) then remove it and proceed to step 6 and so on
    if still nothing alternative option2

    do all again including alternative option1

    this time between steps 2 and 3 you will remove the processor from your mobo, and you will not put it back until step 8

    omg if computer still dead, ur cpu init is angry, this is alternative option3 and final.
    do all mention above inculding alternative option1 and 2
    just this time in step 5 your going to leave the clrcmos switch on for 12hrs
    ok thts it dudes, if this does not fix your cpu init. test your cpu in other computer, and if it works RMA your board.
    hope this helps,
    side note...
    i have faced about 7 cpu inits in 7 diferent computers, and in 2 of those computers { for user mistake ) 2 more times each.
    and i can tell you that, it will go away, it will boot, if you follow this mini guide. i have only see 1 case where the board was actually dead so odds are 7 to 1 gl!
  2. so what happend man? is your board alive now? or u had to rma?
  3. i've tried everything in this order. it's my second board Striker already. same thing. flashing "CPU INIT".
    i've check all the other parts (CPU, video card, memory) in different systems and they appear to be fine. What can i do now? RMA board to Asus again?!

    I HATE ASUS!!!!
  4. I had the same issue with my Striker... in the MB manual you find the process for resting the cmos using the little cmos button... make sure you follow it EXACTLY... I did this and she fired up NP.

    Another thing is that little light bulb button on the LCD screen in the back, push it in and try the above procedure again. (this was my issue)
  5. I can assure you there is nothing wrong with the MB or CPU... Strikers are just Bit**es

    Once it is running it is nice though.
  6. man u sure u make all steps?? did u wait the 12hrs period, when reseting the bios?, odd are not working on yo,u 2 boards? thts just crazy, but posible, be patient and make what the guide says using all optional steps,
  7. oh and grieve is correct, make sure tht the switch for led ilumination is off, ner the lcd post
  8. forget what u read

    cpu int mobo's send them back to asus -if you can not clear it the problem will come back over and over

    supposedly it has something to due with the voltage - yadda yadda - the bottom line is its a chronic disease - it can NOT be cured - get a new mobo

    i put alot a time in the striker cpu-int - i build "xtreme" gamers - i started using that name over 5 years ago - way over used know....

    back to the point - its an individual problem if its a chronic problem that locks up - SEND THE MOBO BACK - SELL THE MOBO ON EBAY - USE IT FOR A SHELVE

  9. NOTE: I only use a striker with a disclaimer - I try to talk everyone out of them - do yourself a favor:

    1) get a evga mobo and keep the ram voltage under 2.1v
    2) try the new intel mobos

    striker is cursed!
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