cpu temp x2 6000 ext clock mhz?

hi there hope someone can help me on this
ive built a amd x2 6000, 2gb ddr 800 memory, fatal1ty an9 32x motherboard,nvida 7950 gt oc graphics card ,550w psu
now it comes with ibit uguru software and it says in default mode
this is the temp when i am not doing nothink when i ran it through 3d mark it toped 85 C WARNING!! in red came up then settled down again should it get this hot and
how hot relly is it getting while playing games?
the EXT CLOCK is saying 200mhz, in turbo mode it will prob go to 216mhz does that seem right? ive check and disabled cool and quite mode in bios but no change in both ,
ive got 120 rear fan and 120 front fan, think its a 97m side fan on window ,
any information would be great thanks :bounce:
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  1. Hi mate

    First of all, have you put any Artic Cooling grease on your CPU. If not look here


    This is Overclockers there sometimes good on deals but you can find some grease there. Just apply it onto the top of ur CPU and put your heat sink back on. Also I might recommend a Water Cooler which you can find on Overclockers.

    AMD's tend to get very hot because they are Pre Overclocked. This means there CPU's aren't what ever they say it is for an example:

    If they say its a 3.00GHZ CPU Its Probably a 2.00GHZ Overclocked to 3.00GHZ and thats why they over heat.

    In future I Recommend Intel. There abit more expensive then AMD but there well worth it.

    I hope this info is useful and sorry if Im treating you like an idiot but I dont know what level of experience you have.

    All the Best :sol:

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