Know a good online vendor for cables (sata etc) ???

Modding my case a little.. just some new paint on inside etc... I have all different colored cables and I'd like to fix that... specifically looking for sata cables and maybe some others.... a lot of the usual sites have ridiculous prices for these cables and I need like 6 of em...
Any one know any good, cheap vendors...
also - is there any diff between sataI (1.5) and sataII (3) cables? They're the same cables right?
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  1. I see them on NewEgg for like $1.50 each and, IDK about the differences.
  2. Looked at Newegg.... did'nt see much if anything at 1.50, but I did see that they called some of the cables sata 150 cables and some sataII cables.... I'm pretty sure there's no diff between the two, but I'd like to know for sure
  3. I'd say that's the kind of thing you need to go to a shop for.
  4. is a great place and the guy that runs it ships pretty fast, and he always has specials going on.
  5. is awfully cheap, but with the cost of postage, you might want to just buy these cables locally.
  6. Newegg has good prices but one cable will cost you 5 dollars to have it shipped to you. That's just to much for me to pay.

    If I'm looking for cable purchases I go to

    Great selection of cables and the shipping wont break the bank.

    Lots of places have cables of all verities just look out for the shipping and handling.

    Local buys for me don't cut it, what with the waste of time and gas, now that the local compusa is gone, it's even worse.
  7. thanks for all the suggestions...
    got 6 cables, picked color and length, for 12 bucks.. free shipping
  8. Well, if it's free shipping, then yeah :) it's nice.
  9. has pretty much everything and they have good rma service. I started using them about a year ago.
    went there... you have to register to enter their online store? took me to a page requiring you to register
  11. It's for business customers but they sell to end users too. login and you will see they have everything. looks like they moved to and are working on a new site at They ship super fast too.
  12. Well, obviously you care about appearences (interior paint and all). You should check out:

    They have a bunch of colors, options, lengths, etc. C'mon, if you're modding and making everything pretty, go big or go home.
  13. Try you can order OkGear SATAII cables (in UV colors) for almost the same price as the Egg. You can have them shipped by USPS and not have to pay more for shipping than the part is worth. If you order cables from New Egg, its best to include them in a purchase you're already making.
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