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Hey Guys,
i need help choosing a (gaming) LCD monitor , want 2ms of response time and at least 20".(price max.$360)
i looked up on several sites, and the best i found was this one from samsung:

"Samsung 22" Widescreen Flat-Panel TFT-LCD Monitor
Model: 226BW
With a blazing 2 ms response time, this monitor features MagicColor and MagicBright 3 technologies to maximize response time for gaming and motion editing.
MagicSpeed Ultrafast 2 ms response time
1000:1 contrast ratio, 3000:1 dynamic contrast ratio; 300 cd/m² brightness
1680 x 1050 maximum resolution; 160° horizontal and vertical viewing angles"

i got a pretty good config and i play games (FSX ,STALKER....and the highly anticpated CRYSIS!) and watch movies. SO maybe you guys can help me choose a specific model.
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  1. Very highly rated, but everyone says the "S" model is better... But that was so long ago i bet there all about the same now.
  2. Oh and don't get too caught up in the "Response time" it all depends on who measures it and how, I've seen supposed 2ms ones that ghost more than 6ms ones from a different brand. Very happy with my monitor. BenQ FP241W 24"
  3. I have 2x of the Samsung 226BW''s. copped them while BestBuy was having its BlackFriday sale *like $150 each*
    Great investment to me. I think they are beautiful. Don't have any prolbems playing counter-strike on one and TV on the other.

    thats just my opinon tho, not like I have too many LCD experiences. Only owned 1 other before these.
  4. I have one, the S panel, absolutely love it.
    Anyway, its a lottery with these screens, theres types of panel ordered from best to worst:
    Try and get the S or A( preferably S, its better out of the box, the A just needs adjustments to be neigh on as good as the S ), havnt heard good things about the C or CA and those only came out after i got mine so i wasnt really that interested in them
  5. 2ms response time is the fastest responstime from grey to grey but only rising, they are not including the falling time. As long as you get a good 4-8ms monitor you don't need more.

    I have a SyncMaster 214T myself, it's a 8ms screen and there is no ghosting to see anywhere (among others I play STALKER on it) and it's even a 8bit monitor (16.7 mill colors) and not a 6bit
  6. thanks to all of you for you answers!!!its great help!!!

    by the way , how do i choose the S series,, cause its not wrtitten on the specs details...
    is it like russian roullet??you order the monitor, and you get the S, or A ,or C or CA....
  7. I heard that now samsung is the only one makeing the 226bw, no more A,C, and CA.

    Atleast that was what I read on another thread not to long ago...
  8. yep, its a gamble, you cant tell, i took the chance and was lucky to get an S

    antonwalker - actually what i think youre talking about is they removed the identification( from OSD and back sticker ) due to the outcries

    So bottom line is you cant really tell any more unless you see an older version in a shop and just buy it there and then
  9. Noooo!!!
  10. antonwalker said:

    lol, well i just saw screenies of the new OSD without the version info and the back sticker sans model version, which is total crap if you ask me, therefore i think i would only buy now if i saw it in the shop
  11. im planning to get 1 for my new rig..heard good reviews about the 206BW or maybe a 226BW not sure :\
  12. I dont want to take any risks ;,, ill buy one when i see one in a shop....
    but whats the different between the series ;; i dont get it??
  13. just get a LG Flatron L226WT
    as good as the 226bw and in my country a bit cheaper
  14. i own a 226bw and i think its amazing.(i dont hink i own the "S" model)
  15. the LG looks really good. Is it better then a 226bw S model?
  16. I was gonna get an LG L226WT( i actually started thinking of a 20" LG widescreen ) but everywhere i read said the samsung was better, google it for yourselves, i did a hell of a lot of research a few months ago before i got this panel

    virgilio - the difference is backlight bleed and overall picture quality, if you see one in a shop and the actual picture looks good to you, then grab it, backlight bleed really only has effect playing games and movies in the dark. If i look at a black picture on my Samsung in the dark the backlight is very very slightly uneven, but in light it has 0 effect. Overall depends if you game/watch movies in the dark, if thats high priority you'd definately be better off with the 600+ quid 8bit panels
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