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what do i need for a triple monitor set up? i want to have 2x 22" 1680 by 1050 and a 32" tv with a resoution of 1366 x 768. what will i need?

what kinda graphics card do i need, and in what set up?
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  1. You will need 2 graphics cards as i am not aware of a single card that will output to three monitors. just make sure one of them will output to whatever the tv will accept (component, s-video etc,)
  2. Matrox Parhelia Series can do triple display on one video card. Think its fairly old though but they use 'em in CAD and GIS work that I've seen... but like Jedi said, for gamers might just be better to go with 2 graphics cards (dual PCIe or single PCIe w/ PCI)
  3. Try this:

    If you look around you can find a review for it on a different site...
  4. Be aware that a lot of video cards struggle with the 1366x768 for your 32" TV.

    I would recommend looking on the site to find a card that can drive the TV properly and then add a second card to drive the two 22" monitors.
  5. i have a sli motherboard, and a x1950 pro would i be able to have to gfx cards connected to the pci e. or wouldnt it work?
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