8800gts Decision/Overclocking Noob

Hey everyone!

Long time reader, first time poster. Glad to actually start having a voice on the forums.

I have a couple questions about overclocking GPUs.

They aren't very hard, in my opinion, and shouldn't be too much of a bother to anyone.

I am getting an 8800gts. I have been reading the 640 will last longer because of the higher memory capacity. My only question now is, should I get the pre-overclocked ones, or get a base model and overclock it myself? What are the differences? Are there any added features to the pre-OC'd cards from say EVGA or PNY, etc.?

Once that question is answered, here is my second one:

If I buy a base model, how hard is it to overclock the 8800GTS640 and where do I get started on educating myself on the process?

I've searched on the TH forums and I can't find the exact answers I am looking for, so as much help/opinion would be marvelous!!

Thanks everyone!!
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  1. To the first question, the pre-oceed models will or should have one advantage or two, deoending, on the non-oceed versions. The 8800 series actually have three clocks, or seperate speeds...1 the chip/gpu 2 the memory and 3 shader clock. All other cards up til now have memory and gpu/chip, but the shader is something new. The preoverclocked models (some,not all) have all three oceed. The nonoceeds dont of course. Heres the problem/advantage. You cant ocee the shader clock unless you flash your card which is a risky scenario (you goof it, your cards a goner) So if the card youre looking at has a oceed shader clock, then theres an advantage, tho, from what Ive read, the oceed cards are less forgiving a higher oc from what you already have. The other advantage is, as theyre already oceed, they come with warranty included with the oc, tho any nonc\oceed card you can oc and still get it RMA'd if it goes bad, just dont tell em, theres really no wat rhey can prove you did. So there you have it. Me? I have a 8800GTS320 and Ive ran my clock speeds up, ran 3DMark and thats about it, as I dont game with my oc, as so far i havnt had the need to, tho to each his own.
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