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Autodesk Inventor Vs CAD!?!

I was considering getting Inventor software and trying to self teach my self how to use the program. I have been reading and asked a engineering friend of mine said "Inventor software is a lot easier to learn then CaD and inventor is also mostly used in businesses" is this ture!?

This is something I would like to do as a hobby and I have no engineering background.

Is Inventor that much more simpler the CaD!? Is it possible to self teach yourself it?
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    I'm an engineer and I can tell you that those two are different worlds.

    AutoCad is made for drawing 2D documentation and inventor is made for making 3d models.

    Usually, inventors models and assemblies are ported to autocad for annotation and plotting.

    If you don't have any background, try solidworks as it is simple. If solidworks is too complicated, go for google sketchup.
  2. AutoCad is also a 3d modeling software. I am a mechanical drafter and use this feature all the time at my job. However the interfaces are two different worlds.
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