Q6600 and Memory/ Motherboard.

I plan on building a computer relatviely soon and I will most likely be ordering the Q6600 on July 22nd for obvious reasons. But I have a few quick questions. I know the Q6600 has a FSB of 1066 so I was wondering which RAM and Motherboard would work best. Since the FSB on the processor is 1066 I thought it would pair best with DDR2 1066 RAM. Also, for the motherboard I thought I would get one that runs DDR2 1066 standard. I might be overclocking my system slightly in the future and I would like to just keep the stock fan. I am not exactely an overcloking pro because I have never attempted it before and the last coomputer I built it now 3 years old. Also, price is not a large matter.

Here's the RAM I am interested in-
I really have had good experiences with Corsair XMS memory so I would like to stick with them.

Here's the Motherboard I am interested in-
The only reasons I like this one is because it runs 1066 memory standard and is P35 chipset.

Your opinions and comments would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. ram should be low latnecys 4-4-4-5 4 or 4-4-3-10 ddr800 are great very high bandwidth

    all the things you read about ram not working with mobo's really boils down to one issue will your ram post a stock voltage of 1.8-1.85v and stock speeds and latencys of 5-5-5-15, stay away from the high end stuff
  2. Nice mobo if a tad expensive. P35 are good to Oc a Q6600 i read. :bounce:

    But the real probles is HEAT, 68c stock speed with a TUNIQ 120 at load ! How much with the stock cooler or OC ?????? :??: don't forget that you have 2 e6600 PCu dies on 1 chip. SO double the heat dissipation. Like the good old 955 !

    I'm waiting for a G0 and looking at LCS.

    Is the Kandalf LCS worth it or do we need a DangerDen kit for a OC q6600 ?
    Alain :hello:
  3. I think the q6600 will get 3.4ghz (this is what is being said all over the net, though no real proof yet) due to its lower thermal output (90w vs 105w). If you're going for something over 3.6, I'd consider a liquid cooling set up. The TUNIQ is great, but it doesn't compare to a good liquid cooling set up. If you stay on air, TUNIQ seems to be the choice.

    As for a mobo, the asus seem a bit better than the gigabyte due to the Vdroop feature. It seems to really help with overclocks. Check out the extreme systems forum and even the gigabyte guys will point extreme OCers in ASUS's direction.

    The ram looks good. I'm not so sure myself. I was considering Crusial Ballistix DDR2 1066 ram for a high oc of 3.8+ ghz. DDR2 800 I would think should suit your OC needs, but I am not sure.
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