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Ok here is my problem. I have had this computer for little over two years now. I actually didn't build this computer but had someone else build for me and since moved from the area where I had it built.

I have a K8N neo4 plat. and the I think its the north bridge fan on there is starting to make a grinding noise.. I try and peel the sticker thats on there to add some oil to it but upon peeling notice that I cannot get to where I can add oil to. So do i just take the motherboard out and take the whole fan assembly off and get a new one or.. What else is there that I can do?

Another question of mine is.. I wanna try and re-tune the bios. My question is for someone who knows barely what to do.. what would be best for me to do? Right now everything is set to factory settings on the bios for everything. I have 4 512 sticks of Ultra CL2 fast memory. I don't really need no overclocking stuff just a dependable setting thats good for games. The processor that I have is a AMD 4600x2 dual core. Any info or advice is welcomed. Thank you in advance.

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  1. Ok so I just took the motherboard out and pulled off the fan. When I got the fan off It was the processor for the SLI Nforce4. I took a picture of what it looks like.. Is it fine? also when I get the new fan in should I use some heat transfer stuff? I guess its artic something... Anyways heres the pic.
  2. Most BIOS have several setting that will "overclock" the computer for you. Each board will be different but some of the settings on my ASUS boards are Default or factory settings, one that adjust the computer for current use, and a couple that increases performance settings. Check the motherboard manual and play with these settings to see if you notice any difference in performance.

    It looks like you took the Heat Sink & Fan (HSF) off not a fan on the board itself. Yes you will have to clean and reapply thermal paste. To clean the CPU use robbing alcohol and a coffee filter or cloth that won't scratch or leave lint. If the new HSF doesn't come with thermal paste getting some Artic Silver and put a SMALL dab on the clean CPU. More is definitely not better and make absolutely sure the new HSF does not come with a thermal compound
  3. What will the thermal compound look like? and if it does do I just clean it off the HSF itself?
  4. ARment said:
    What will the thermal compound look like? and if it does do I just clean it off the HSF itself?

    At least with the HSF that comes with a retail CPU it's a square of thin grayish silver stuff on the HSF. The instructions that come with the HSF you ordered should tell you. Could you send a link to the HSF you bought?
  5. I think he meant to confirm if the new HSF has it on there or not. If it does then you do not want to double it up with more, just use what comes on it. If it doesn't then you will need to get some and apply a small amount of it.

    Looking to the bottom of the Heat Sink there will be a square or circle with a plastic piece on it, under the plastic would be the thermal compound, don't remove the plastic piece until you are ready to install the heat sink.
  6. Its the fan that comes with the motherboard itself to go over the Nforce4 SLI procsessor. just a small fan. I can take a pic of the old one if you like.

    its this fan here.
  7. Since you mentioned that you removed the fan, can you post a picture of the bottom of it?

    It looks as tho its just a fan on top of the chip, in which case you should be able to go order/get one and install it.
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