15.4" laptop display dead+other problem

i have an asus laptop with a disfunctional screen.

you can see the backlight working. but the screen still stays blank.
vga port on back of the computer still works.

computer also has a boot virus. and after many failed attempt to format the 100gb hdd, reinstall and/or recover windows xp. i am starting to think its not worth th trouble...

laptop is only just older than the 2 year warranty. and the screen is 15.4"

Any advice/solutions?
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  1. -windows was preloaded onto the hard drive and
    already tried reinstalling xp. it kept coming up with a
    blue screen error before it completed.

    - we have tryed to plug the laptop hdd into a desktop to format it. but it needs an adaptor. that we dont have.

    -we also tried formatting the hdd with the recovery disk + two other xp install disks. which all failed
  2. oh and... the computer will not give access to the bios menu
  3. Time to get a new laptop.
  4. yeah. probly
  5. set your cmos in the dfault mode and try the xp 3 to 4mat,then after 4mat replce the xp3 os with the orgnal xp os
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