Q6600 on a 333FSB possible?

Hi folks,

Sorry if this has been asked before, but I tried the search function and kept on getting a Levonovo(?) ad instead of the search results.

I'm looking to upgrade my current system (Athlon XP 2500+, 1GB RAM) to a Core 2 based system. I do a bit of gaming and coding (using both WinXP and Linux, so I'll be dual booting it) and I have heard that the Q6600 can run with a multi of 9 on a 333FSB (does that make it the same as the new quad core processor that has just come out?)

If I get an ASUS P5N-E will I be able to stick the FSB at 333 and expect the proc to run okay? I'll be using the Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme for cooling (if that makes any difference).

Thanks for your help. I've not overclocked a processor before (my Athlon is locked and wouldn't even overclock by 1MHz when I tried a few years ago), so any help you can give me would be helpful. Also, if I get PC5400 rated memory, will it be working at a 1:1 ratio?


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  1. Yes and no for the prossessor. If you got it there which should be quite easy, it would PERFORM the same, whether it would be as reliable or as cool, probably not. It would likely need mroe voltage and get hotter, but performance should be the same.

    Yes with that MOBO should be easy enough to get it there.

    As for memory, kinda yes. It will usually run 1:1, so when you put the FSB up to 333 the memory will work at 333.
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