Failed MB - How to recover RAID 0 - Help PLZ!!

Hi guys,

My motherboard has failed... my computer will not turn on at all... no fans, no nothing, and its not the power supply, I had it tested. The little green light on the MB is on though. THere are some bulging capacitors on the MB.

I have 2x80 Gig drives... they are in RAID 0. Is it possible to rebuild this array on another computer?

My mobo is the asus k8n-e deluxe.

Thanks guys...
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  1. I have a similar problem. I also need the same answer. In my case, I assume there is no damage to my HDDs. So, the only question is whether I can buy a new PC with a MOBO that has raid connectors and simply connect my existing SATA HDDs.
  2. You will need a RAID controller that is identical or at the very least, by the same manufacturer in order to see the volume on that array. See the Tom's Article The RAID Migration Adventure.

    If you can't migrate the RAID at all, then you're left with data recovery techniques.'s RAID Reconstructor and GetDataBack for NTFS will recover the data, and then you can build a new RAID on a new motherboard.
  3. I believe the raid chip on the Asus K8N-E Deluxe is a Silicon Image sil 3112. I have the same problem with my Gigabyte MB which uses the same chip. I'm trying to find a PCI raid card that uses a Silicon Image RAID chip, but, not all RAID card manufacturers advertise what chip they use. I thought that Adaptec used Silicon Image chips, but, I can't seem to verify that from their website or packaging.

    The following link show a compatibility chart that Silicom Image publishes on their site. From this chart it looks like RAIDs created with the old Sil3112 chip are compatible with all of the current Silicon Image RAID chips. The problem is I don't know what RAID cards and motherboards use these Silicon Image chips.

    " y_REV_8.pdf"

    Sorry I'm a noob and can't get the link to work in my post. A space keeps getting inserted in the link.
  4. I have the same problem with a failed epox board that uses a Silicon Image 3112 onboard controller. What was your experience in recovering your raid data?
    Did you use the Raid Reconstructor and Get Data Back?
    Did you successfully migrate to a similar or different Silicon Image raid chip?
    Please help. Thanks.
  5. we recommend you to download a demo version of Getway Raid Recovery software, which can display you the partition rebuilt after analyze, 3 steps to rebuild your raid array. you can download it here:
  6. We strongly suggest you not use any data recovery software on your own unless you are a professional

    Instead, use a reliable RAID recovery company to extract the data for you

    RetroData offer a money back guarantee!
  7. Put the HDDs in a non-RAID system and boot Ubuntu Linux livecd; in most cases you would be able to access the RAID; especially if the data on the disks is just fine.

    All you need to do is:
    - connect your RAID disks in IDE/AHCI mode; NOT raid mode!
    - boot from ubuntu livecd
    - click try out ubuntu
    - click menu Places, click Home
    - cilck "... GB Filesystem" on the left panel on the window that opens

    Good luck!
  8. The person above me hit the nail right on the head.

    I had a similar issue when a Motherboard I had failed. I booted to the ubuntu 11.1 cd, and was able to access the drive and copy my files off. It was a little different than his instructions but it was simple enough.

    Thank you!!
  9. Had the same problem with a dead MoBo and two raid striping disks.

    Solved with Ubuntu livecd on other MoBo. It is important to configure the disks as IDE/AHCI and NOT raid mode from BIOS settings.

    Ubuntu simply discovered the disks the raid volume and mounted corectly the three partitions I had on it without any additional settings. I copied the files on an usb external drive (also mounted automatically when plugged in).

    Thanks and good luck to others!
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