Radeon X1950 XT doesn't support dx10, so how will i play new games

toms hardware said this was the best 200 dollar card. well if it doesn't support dx10, how will i be able to use it to play the new games like crysis?

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  1. All new games will support DX9 as well as a stunted DX10. Full DX10 is a ways off, not to worry
  2. For the next year or so all the games will have dx9 support (even Crysis). So your x1950xt will do just fine. If it did have dx10 support it would probably do poorly. Even the 8800's haven't been doing so well in "dx10" enabled games suffering from fps drops.

    gah beat me to it :)
  3. Crysis will likely be the first game to actually gain anything from Direct X10, and even then the features likely won't be missed too much.
  4. Well like the others have stated, Crysis supports both dx9 n dx10 so ur card could very well last you thru out the next year (but with an average eye candy for the later games that is released next year) there will not be a dx10 only game for sometime..
  5. thanks guys for the great answers.. peace
  6. dont worry more than 75% of the gaming community is still on dx9 cards, dx10 would be mainstream at least till mid 09.
  7. One question isn't DX10 supposed to be more efficient, why does it use up so much resources???
  8. DX9 games will still come out for a few more years.

    The demise of DX8 didn't happen unitl after DX10 was announced and Oblivion was released. Therefore, games will still support DX9 until around the time when Microsoft officially announces that DX11 will be released for Vista.
  9. How will it play DX10 games? Just like the actual DX10 cards: by being forced to DX9 rendering ;)
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