Network connection there, but internet not accessible

Hello all,

A friend of mine, who is using a Toshiba laptop, sees a full signal on his laptop, but he cannot access the internet. The wireless connection is working because he can access the local servers. I checked in network connections and it also says that it is connected to local and internet. I tried connections in both IE and Firefox, neither worked so it must not be the web browser either. Are there any suggestions of anything else useful to get this internet connection working?

Toshiba laptop
Windows Vista

Thanks for the help

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  1. Can the Tosh connect to the internet when linked to router via ethernet ?

    Is the ISP cable or ADSL ?
  2. I dont know if it can connect via ethernet, we are at college and they dont have any hard connections to the router. I'm not sure if it is cable or ADSL. sorry im not much help
  3. I have the same problem! I see that my laptop is connected to a network but when i go to a browser window it can not display the webpage. My main home computer is connected through ADSL and it has access to the internet, but not my laptop when i try to connect through wi fi.. Please help!!!

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