Best budget graphics card

1 All the cards here have a similar price tag.
2 Not considering that the 7900GS is a good over clocker.
3 This is a budget gaming card.
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  1. 1950pro 256, the 512mb doesn't have enough processing power to make use of the extra memory and at stock the 1950pro is faster than the others, not to mention they can be had for cheap.
  2. first choice x1950 pro 256 mb.
  3. with the adequate volt mods the 8600GT hands down but at stock nothing can beat the X1950PRO 256mb.
  4. This thread is silly. Mods please close it. Cleeve does this job every month, and does it well. I think he last identified the 7300GT as the best BUDGET gaming card.
  5. What's the matter jtt283? Darnit, did someone pee in your Post Toasties this morning?
    If you don't like the thread, just kindly move on.
    A 7300 in my opinion is not a good value, it's at the bottom of the barrel. It may be a good price for what you get, but you had better get it dirt cheap or free after rebates cause your not get'n much.
  6. :kaola: I have a 480 ati northbridge to trade for that 7300gt :pt1cable:
  7. Here's a brief pro/cons comparison:

    1.) X1950Pro 256 = Fastest card of the bunch, but lame OC'er in comparison to 7900GS.

    2.) X1950Pro 512 = As fast as the 256, but the core can't really make use of the 512 memory efficiently, therefore it's useless and price increases for the extra mem.

    3.) 7900GS 256 = A little slower than X1950Pro but great OC'er

    4.) 7900GS 512 = Same as the X1950Pro 512, good card but the extra memory is really useless.

    5.) 8600GT 256 = Crap

    6.) 8600GT 512 = Crap with double the memory

    7.) HD2600XT 256 = Double crap

    8.) HD2600XT 512 = Double crap with double the memory

    Yeah, we have a winner, the crappiest card is probably the HD2600XT, but barely, since it's nearly a tie between that and the really crappy 8600GT. It's a choice really of which you want, Green nvidia crap or Red Ati crap.

    If you were referring to which is the better performing card that is actually worth anyone's money then that is probably between the X1950Pro 256 (not 512) and the 7900GS 256 (not 512), it all comes down to how overclock-friendly you are.
  8. For just a little bit more $$ this is hands down the best deal below $200...
  9. @ jitpublisher:

    He is refering to this thread:

    It is sticky, updated each month and answers all (and I mean ALL) questions about a given price bracket for a card. If there is a tie on a particular budget in that list, the that means you could pick either one and get the same results.

    Thus, it makes this thread redundant.

    Nothing angry about that, just reality. The sticky posts are there for a reason.
  10. Without prices the thread is pointless.

    The statements that 512MB is no used are also myopic, and if the price is the same I'd pick the 512MB version. I wouldn't pay much more for it, but once you get into that range of cards there are many situations that can use it, like texture mods, etc.

    On an X1300/GF7300 it's a different story than on an X1950Pro or GF7900GS.
  11. I am no authority on the subject (far from it) but will this mean anything in say 2months, 3months, etc?
    My 2 cents: I just have a plain "crap" card (no double crap I guess) and I know it.
    I am waiting for the hole to be filled that's between the 8600GTS and 8800GTS with a single-slot 256bit memory interface card that doesn't need a portable generator to power it. May never happen but I feel better now. Thanks
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