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I am going to build a new computer and reuse some existing parts. I have 2 IDE optical drives and a couple of IDE hard drives of various sizes (80 GB - 250GB). I figure I am do for additional space anyway, so I think I will get a new 400GB or 500GB SATA drive. I am not planning any kind of RAID solution.

The new motherboards I am looking at all have only 1 IDE port. My thought is to get an IDE PCI card, use the optical drives as is, reuse the 80GB IDE drive for the OS / Programs, use the SATA for data, and use the 250GB IDE drive for external backup.

The other alternative would be just to use the new SATA drive and partition it into an OS and a Data partition.

Any issues with what I would like to do?

Suggestions on a decent, cheap IDE card?
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  1. use the SATA one OS and programs SATA has better transfer speeds and use others for backup and data, and there are IDE to USB available in the market that option would make your IDE HDD a portable but it will eat up your two USB ports
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