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Recovering Word documents, please help.

I have been using a program called Abiword as a alternative to MS Word (having to pay for office.)
It still creates a Microsoft Office Word 2003 file to read from when making a document

I recently had the program open when my computer blue screened. When I came back to open it, it gave me a message something like "Some errors were encountered during the import" and now I only have the first 30 pages of the document.
It give me the same message every time I open this one file and not for any of the others. It doesn't even help to open in it Office.

Please does anyone know if there is any way or application to recover the rest of the document?
I don't have a restore point for it either, by the way....
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    You can open up the document in Notepad and try to copy the missing text directly.
  2. Dude! You are a beautiful person! +1 Karma
    It sounded like a long shot but it actually is showing all my stuff, I think.

    It is displaying it in an ungodly mess though with an insane amount of (code?)
    Is there a way to highlight and delete all of it? (in an efficient manner)

    To this effect, if curious:
  3. jsmakkar said:

    Can't fully trust a program like this. Got something else?
  4. Try Linux based Ubuntu from
    Boot from CD (No risk)
    It has a built in program LibreOffice Writer which can open MS Word 2007 files (I just tried that).
    I really wish you recover your file.
  5. Quote:
    Did you save tamp file?

    Usually word by microsoft would save word temp files and it would appear if you get your file&folder option with something like 'show temp file'.

    If not, try free tool like recuva to restore files.

    How would one go about finding the temp files?
    and Recuva didn't want to find any Word Documents even with a Deep Scan

    The information is still in there, Notepad proved it, but I need a program that will open all of it without the code mess of notepad or if there's a way for Word to recognize the code after I copy paste it into a new file?
  6. dfjie
  7. I don't want to sound harsh, but in the time you have spent asking for an automated tool you could have extracted the text using Notepad!

    I know; I have been in your shoes ;)
  8. PhilFrisbie said:
    I don't want to sound harsh, but in the time you have spent asking for an automated tool you could have extracted the text using Notepad!

    I know; I have been in your shoes ;)

    {\s34\cf3\f0\fs18\1033{\*\listtag0}\tab \tab \tab \tab }{\s34\f0\fs18\1033{\*\listtag0}\tab }{\s34\cf4\f0\fs18\1033{\*\listtag0}\tab \tab }{\s34\f0\fs18\1033{\*\listtag0}\tab \tab \tab \tab \tab \tab \tab }{\s34\cf8\f0\fs18\1033{\*\listtag0}\tab }{\s34\f0\fs18\1033
    \pard\plain\ltrpar\ql\s34\sl240\{\s34\cf22\f0\fs18\1033{\*\ golgo bordello}{\s34\cf8\f0\fs18\1033{\*\listtag0}\tab \tab \tab \tab }{\s34\cf22\f0\fs18\1033
    \pard\plain\ltrpar\ql\s34\sl240\{\s34\cf4\f0\fs18\1033{\*\ Comeback Kid}{\s34\cf4\f0\fs18\1033
    \pard\plain\ltrpar\ql\s34\sl240\{\s34\cf4\f0\fs18\1033{\*\ \uc1\u8211\'96\tab \tab \tab \tab }{\s34\cf4\f0\fs18\1033

    I believe Notepad begs to differ....

    I have 70 pages of stuff, I really don't feel like spending 4 hours going through this. If Notepad can do it, honestly, there MUST be another easy program that can open the full document.
  9. That's a corrupt document, wordpad only opens it at a text file which tries to aproximate in text what code it sees. Look for a word recovery program.

    The issue with most programs you find is that they are for trying to find files you deleted, not ones that are corrupt.

    If you don't want to try the program that was posted already, can do a web search and find one you do want to use.
  10. Thanks for the help guys, I decided to just use a Word program and use the Find and Replace function to get rid of all the crap.
    Everything is looking good now.

    All good suggestions but that Notepad one was vital. I'll make sure I back up my stuff so I won't have to bother you guys with this again, lol
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