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I'm plaining on buying the evga 680i A1 version, and I know in the past there have been a lot of bugs with the 680i. I want to make sure I do everything right before I install everything, but is the only thing I need to do, is make sure to load the latest BIOS driver for the MB, or are there a buch of other steps I need to do before I install this MB. Thanks for the advice in advanced.
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  1. You can't update the drivers and BIOS until the mobo is installed. Either get an anti static strap or make sure you ground your self, touch metal, before you touch any of the parts. Use the exact number of offsets, no more or no less, and that there is a screw for each. Follow the directions and take your time. And once it's up and running offer beer to the computer gods. If you're too young to drink, let me know and I'll volunteer. :lol: You should be fine
  2. your going to need to install the board first before you will be able to fix known bugs i.e. bios updates and driver issues. unless your planning on volt mods or physical changes to the board like removing and replacing heatsinks and fans, everything else can be done once your up and running.
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