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I want to install XP on a Packard Bell that has WINDOWS 7 on it. It will not let me over-write Windows 7 nor can I load XP from the Bios. It comes up with an error message saying I must remove the new hardware or software. I have a genuine version of XP. Is the hard drive format wrong for xp? It's not the same format as my old system. Thank You
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Before I can help you, let me ask you something. Why do you want downgrade your OS to Win XP?
  2. LOL! It's rather I want to DOWN GRADE from Windows 7! I've tried it and hate it! The system I have been given has Windows 7 preinstalled. I have the Packard Bell iMedia X4520. I am unable to install my NONE MACHINE related copy of XP. It starts to install but then comes up with the same fault each time, telling me to unistall the last hardware/software. Hope this explains my problem better. Thanks for trying to help.
  3. I can't find any XP driver on the Packard Bell's web page.

    Try this, download and install THIS program, with this you can created a back up of all your current drivers.

    After this, download THIS another program, burn on to a CD, reboot your PC, boot from the CD, go to partitions tools and delete the partitions that the system show you. Reboot again and boot from your XP CD.

    BUT keep in mind that maybe your XP OS could not work fine if you don't find all the drivers.
  4. Thank You saint19... I will try to do all you have suggested correctly! If I make a mess of it... I'll be back for more help soon! If it works.. I will let you know first! Thank you again for your help so far.
  5. If they don't have the drivers on the manufacturer's website, I wouldn't format your system. If Packard Bell doesn't have them, look up the motherboard manufacturer, and see if they have them.
  6. OK... I'm getting no where fast! My disc drive is cleaned and I can get my Windows XP OEM software disc loading.... All the was up to the blue page stating 'Windows Setup' in top left of screen and in the grey background line along the bottom reading... 'Setup is starting Windows'
    Then NOTHING happens... I have only waited an hour... maybe that isn't long enough! Eventually I was able to get the screen to unlock and it came up with this report as to why the system hadn't loaded or run...
    Can anyone explain what I have to do? Or is my system too old? It was a new last year! at Christmas 2009!

    Driver IRQL_Not_Less_or_Equal

    Tech Information
    STOP: 0X000000D1 (0x00000028,0x00000002,0x00000000,0xF73D0677)
    Acpi.sys - Address F73D0677 base at F73C6000, Date Stamp 3d6dd69f
  7. If your XP disc is SP1, and you have a SATA hard drive, you'll need to load the SATA drivers off a bootable floppy drive.
  8. ^+1, or try to get a XP SP3
  9. Even XP SP2 will come with the needed SATA drivers.

    If you don't have a floppy, you can slipstream a disc with SP2, using a program like nlite.
  10. Gosh I am very grateful to you both. OK.. so let me see if I have got this right! If I get hold of copy of Windows XP HOME EDITION SP3 or Windows XP HOME EDITION SP2, this should load into my machine without any problem? I am not sure how to do the slipstreaming! So think the SP2 or SP3 route may be better for me. Thanks again!
  11. Any version of XP with at least SP2 will have the needed SATA drivers. Assuming the missing drivers are why it's not installing, yes, it will then load fine.
  12. GREAT! Well... here goes! Off to buy a new copy of XP with SP2! Heck, if that doesn't work... does anyone want my old Packard Bell iMedia X4520? It's nearly a month old! BRING BACK THE SINCLAIR SPECTRUM! 48k of heaven! oh and Programable! As soon as I get XP with SP2 I'll let you know how I get on! Thank you for all your help :)
  13. WAIT!!

    If you've got a full copy of XP already, there's no need to purchase it. Nlite has a walkthrough that will help you slipstream the SP. It's not too hard and it's free.

    A full retail copy of XP could cost ~ $200.
  14. Only problem I see with NLITE is I have no idea which of the programs to download! Went to http://www.nliteos.com/ and there are loads of different versions from FINAL to Beta 2! and none explain how I use the program before I try and intall it onto my new system that does not have a floppy drive. May be I am hopeless... may be I should stick with my old slow DELL with XP that works for me..... I'm getting rather old and things are moving rather too fast for me these days! I have tried to keep up.... but it's getting hard! Oh... anyone want a mobile/cell phone? I got a call on it at Christmas....... I turned it OFF instead of Answering :( No idea who called... the key pad is too small and the numbers/letters on it are white on silver, so can't be read.... and as for the menu page..... I have no idea what Profiles means! I am so grateful for all your help.... just I learnt English in school... we where taught to use it to explain things properly. Hope Your weekend is wonderful.
  15. Here's a good guide with screenshots.

    Here's the download page for the v1.4 installer.
  16. aford10.. Thank you so much... Think I am so lost that it's better to stick with my old DELL 2400 Dimension! I know it sounds crazy, but I will trash my new system. Computers today seem to be set up to take you cash for programs you want as extras and allow Big Brother to watch every move you take! I would have followed all your links, but for the fact that none of them simply said... Download and burn to disc! then install before installing your windows OEM disc! I truely GIVE UP! Bill Gates.... You win..... you own the world without allowing the world to enjoy being part of the world.
  17. No problem. In the end it's your decision on what you want to do. :)

    If it really frustrates you, and it's not worth the effort, you still have the option to go and purchase a copy with the SP.

    Good luck.
  18. OK! I went mad and bought a BRAND NEW version of XP Home with SP2 in it. Yes! It cost a fortune! LOL! Was it worth it? NO! I tried to install it through DOS and still get the same message as before. So now I have a Brand new Packard Bell and Brand new copy of XP with SP2... back in the box! Thanks all for trying... but I back at square 1 !
  19. cushel said:
    OK! I went mad and bought a BRAND NEW version of XP Home with SP2 in it. Yes! It cost a fortune! LOL! Was it worth it? NO! I tried to install it through DOS and still get the same message as before. So now I have a Brand new Packard Bell and Brand new copy of XP with SP2... back in the box! Thanks all for trying... but I back at square 1 !

    We said XP SP3, with SP2 you also need the drivers.
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