New to upgrading, Need card for my 250W supply....

I am sooooo new to any upgrading. I searched your threads and am still a bit overwhelmed at the responses. I have an HP Pavilion a6157c desktop .

Windows home premium
250W power supply
2GB memory
320HArd drive
Intel integrated accelerator 950 "card" (chip onboard)
Intel E4400, 2.0GHz processor.

I want o upgrade to a dedicated card. My needs are gaming, but no high-end games like Oblivion. Mostly your average low-end to mid-end games. I love HD videos, and need a card to do that well too.

What are my options w/ my low power supply? Can I get away with NOT upgrading the power????
Just tell me ANY cards that'll work, w/o regards to price at this point.
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  1. Hmmm, that's a PCI Express. A 7600GT doesn't need an auxilliary power connector, but I'm still not sure that PSU has enough juice for it. I dug around, and that PSU may only have 13A on its +12V rail.
  2. 250watts doesn't give you much wiggle room.I say 500 watt PSU from antec,thermaltake,enermax or the like.60 to 100$ price range probably.The rest of your specs are decent so any 1950 series ATI card,esp PRO or XT(149$ after mir at newegg)is the best price/perfomance.I imagine some will recommend 2600 ATI card or 8600 Nvidia card but to be honest I haven't seen too much to impress me when a DX9 card can whip them handily for less money.8800 series would be my other choice.
  3. Add this video card power supply and you wont have to worry about any power requirements:
  4. At 55 bucks might as well kick in a couple more bucks and get a regular PSU.But it would work.
  5. I think his system probably uses one of those short mATX PSUs and a better replacement would be hard to find. If a regular PSU would fit then yes, that would be a better option.
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