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Hi there
i'm new for all this networking stuffs.
i just got myself an Linksys wireless-G router and Linksys Wireless-G ethernet bridge.

i want to setup a wireless network environment for my office. basically my office is located in 2 different floor inside a 3-level shop lot.( the ground floor and the top floor) i have few workstations and printers in each of my office. before that, there are 2 seperated network in my working environment. what i wanted to do is to link-up the all the networks into 1 network.

my problem is , i did ask linksys reseller in SG about my situation. they proposed me to use the linksys wireless-G broadband router to connect 1 of my switch, then use the Linksys wireless-G ethernet Bridge to connect the other switch. then both network will be connected together.

But until now i still can't get the things done.

i need your expertist here.

Thank you

Best REgards

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  1. if you are are simply connecting two isolated networks together then you really need 2 wireless bridges. the router will be useful only if you plan on sharing internet access over wireless

    I have in my own home two normal networks, and they are merged into one across a wireless bridge system.

    I use Buffalo products, but essentially what you have should work too.

    Do these networks access the internet? or do you simply want to set up a windows network?
  2. Hi FIl,

    thank you for your reply.Yes these networks access to the internet. or i can also just set up as a windows network. i tried to configure the WET54G (wireless Bridge) but the assignned IP keep changing by itself. i have no idea what should i try, and i'm wondering all these equipments are correct or well-suit to my need.

    so far i able to setup 1 side of my office.(3rd floor) and yet the other office(G floor) still running its own network. cannot link-up this 2 network together.

    hope all the expert around here can help me.

    Thank you

    Best Regards

  3. ok then i understand a little more about what you want now.

    obviously the router will be positioned after your modem.

    I like to manually assign IP's too.

    turn DHCP off in the router set up, assign the LAN portion of the router to be an address like

    set the bridge as MAKE SURE THE BRIDGE IS SET TO MANUAL IP ADDRESS CONFIG, also make sure that no other computer is assigned this address, and you have no DHCP pools active in the router, or anywhere in your system, the bridge might be conflicting with another network device. you often have to commit changes to flash memory (as is the case with my router) so once you manually assign the bridge IP, see if you have to commit that to its memory.

    and each computer a unique address such as etc the same goes for network printers.

    the bridge will have to be set up to talk to the router, i've not got your Linksys bridges, though, but i guess they must all work in a similar way.
    the router should be providing access for local computers over the switch and cat 5 cables and internet access for remote computers over wireless via the bridge.
  4. Leave DHCP on for now. If you want to setup static IP's later on fine but get it working first. The DHCP server will make it a bit easier.

    You've asked for help but gave very little detailed information about what you've tried so far. You said you tried this but didn't say how. Anyway, you need to give detailed information to get it.

    Put your workgroup bridge, the WET54 in the same room as the Router/AP combo. The SSID will be broadcast and the bridge will/should associate to the AP. Once you've done that logon to the routers admin interface and see what IP was picked up by the bridge. You can then logon to the bridge through a browser if you want. You'd do that to setup WEP and/or any other security measure your going to implement. Next hook a computer up to the bridge, let it pick up and IP and start pinging. If they're successful then your all set. If you take the bridge upstairs now and it doesn't work then you know it probably isn't going to work without some modification. Like, at the very least, moving the AP and/or bridge around until you pick up an association, or add aftermarket antennas, higher gain, on one or both wireless devices. If you do associate at the remote site then you can then start to implement your security. Static IP's, WEP or WPA, MAC filtering and so on.

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  5. thank you for all the informatives replies.
    i'd found the problem of my WET54G, regarding to others forums the LED of the Power keep blinking and they did mentioned that linksys have problem with the power adaptor isseus. so i'd already send back to the seller and wating for my replacement, but...

    now i 'm having another problem. i can't log into my WRT54G web-browser setup.i'd try RESET the unit, and i assume after reset the AP's ip will back to factory default which is and all my workstations' ip are assigned automatically. and i still unable to connect.
    only those WLAN laptops and IBook able to see, wherelse those LAN's workstation can't see.

    Thank you
  6. 1.1 should be a gateway/router IP. Haven't used the wet series bridges so maybe they do use the 1.1 address. Ping it. If it pings, and it's not pinging your gateway, then you have connectivity but I doubt it will if it won't come up in the browser. How are you connecting to it? Crossover or through a hub/switch?

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